Quick update 04-24-13

I’ve really been slacking on my blogging duties all up in here, which maybe doesn’t bode well for this website that I’ve been taking my sweet time launching. This seems to be my most regular blogging theme over the past year or so. It’s not that I’m lacking either subject matter or will to post, either. It is, to some small degree, that I haven’t really had time. That much is at least a little true. It’s pretty tough to keep up with life, especially when trying to balance multiple aspects of my social life, my professional life, and, if I’m being really honest, my health. I may speak more to that another time, but for now let’s just say that some aspects of my life got a little dark there for a little while. I feel very much on the other side of it now, but also now get to deal with the aftermath, which is always lots and lots of fun.

It always feels odd. Very strange, really, to look back on how you have spent the last six months to a year and really reflect on how you have spent them. I don’t think enough people spend enough time being truly introspective. Well, that’s maybe a bit pretentious. I mean that I feel most people think only of, or at least mostly of, what they are doing now. They may think a bit more about what they will do in the future, but I feel like a good ponder over your own past and the decisions (or lack thereof) that have led you to today is just as important. What have you done? How have you spent your time? Are you okay with your decisions and what do you do if you are not? For that matter, what does it mean if you are okay with your decisions, particularly when you know those decisions haven’t been the best? What, if anything, can you learn from the time you have spent? Is there someone close to you that you can use as a valid comparison, a “benchmark”? Not necessarily someone you admire, though I suppose that is also valid, but more of a person you can compare your progress against. What if you don’t measure up?

I’m not having a midlife crises here – no need to freak out. It’s just that I occasionally like to take inventory of my life and consider my direction. To see if my compass is still true or if it’s time for some repairs. This is getting really vague and personal and the post is getting a lot longer than intended, so let’s wrap it up. Some aspects of my life have been going about a million miles an hour while others have ground to a halt.  Before I make anymore mixed metaphors, let’s just say that it’s time to reevaluate my pace once more.

tl;dr – Little self indulgent today but still… It’s good to take a few minutes to think about where you are and where you’ve been. Springtime always makes me self conscience.

But about that midlife crises – I have been thinking about getting a motorcycle. I know, right?

Cheap Guitar Part

I don’t know that I’ve ever made a point saying this, but one of my hobbies is making guitars.  I should specify – my hobby is to make electric guitars.  I have never tried making an acoustic guitar.  It doesn’t seem that terribly difficult, but difficult enough and with an upfront investment in tools and equipment that I’m not presently interested in.  But yes, the long and short of it is that I like to make electric guitars.  I also like to play guitar (electric and acoustic, and I dabble in electric bass).  Actually, playing guitar and being rather poor in my early 20’s is what lead to my hobby of making them. I came for the cheap instruments, I stayed for the joy of making.

The very first guitar I made was pretty alright.  I don’t recall exactly what the base wood was, though I suspect Mahogany.  This is something that any experience Luthier (word for person what makes guitars) would absolutely know about each and every guitar that they have made, as the wood that you use to make your guitar is extremely important.  It’s important structurally, sure.  You wouldn’t make a guitar out of plywood.  Or… hmm… actually, I might, but I’m fuckin’ crazy.  To someone who’s spent some time making guitars and really thinking about the final outcome, the type of wood you use is much more affected by aesthetics.  And I don’t just mean how the guitar will look with the wood chosen.  In fact, at least for me, it’s much more important to consider how the guitar will sound.  With an electric guitar, you might think that I’m tossin’ crazy talk out here, but maybe that’s because you’re thinking of electric guitar music as being heavily distorted – Grunge, Punk, Metal.  However, the vast majority of songs out there recorded on electric guitar are not that heavily distorted, if at all.  And if we’re being completely honest, there are many who would argue that you can discern the tone of an instrument even with heavy distortion in a given tune.  You know what?  I should really dig deeper into this and many other guitar-assed-guitar subjects going forward.  But for now, let’s get to the whole thing.

I say that the first guitar I made was pretty alright.  It wasn’t great.  I made mistakes making it.  Some of my cuts weren’t square.  I didn’t always “measure twice”.  I used a wood that wasn’t right for the tone I wasn’t playing at the time.  The guitar body I made and the guitar neck I ordered weren’t well paired.  My wiring got fucked up because I didn’t shield and I wasn’t good at soldering that didn’t involve a breadboard.  I wasn’t fudging woodwork that I didn’t have the right equipment for.  I was rushing things because I only had a short window to work in because I was home on leave from the Air Force.  I was changing my mind on what kind of guitar I was making mid-build.  In short – I done fucked that thing up somethin’ good.

But it played.

And I could get it in tune.

And I felt awesome anytime I picked it up.

Most importantly, I learned a lot, and not just about making guitars.  I learned some shit while making the guitar and later while compensating for or fixing the mistakes I made during the initial build that I have been able to apply to other aspects of my life.  Needless to say, the experiences was meaningful with many lessons and I am a quick learner.  Thing is… some lessons I just can’t seem to learn.

You know, sometimes I feel like a real dipshit.  You know how everyone ever learns not to touch hot things?  Yeah, I apparently haven’t.  In the past year, I have:

  • Reached into a hot-as-fuck oven at an angle where my upper left arm has no choice but to touch the edge of one of the rack, burn-carving a 2-inch long and 1/4-inch deep chunk out of my stupid flesh
  • Reached into the same hot-as-fuck oven at a completely other time for a completely other reason and grab onto the metal handle of a fuck-off-hot and heavy-as-cock pan, full grip, permanently fire-fucking my right palm and bottoms of that hands’ finger and OH YES the finger tips as well.
  • Grab a GLOWING RED FUCKING HOT hunk of somekindametal in mid-air whilst it was falling off of a forge onto concrete that REALLY FUCKING DIDN’T need me saving it, further burning my fucking stupid right hand, which just so happens to be my favorite and most used hand.
  • Snap-reacted to an out-of-place glow off my left shoulder with an irrational left-backhand-swipe into MOTHER FUCKING EMBERS of a free-standing open firepit, burning many nerve ending right out of the back of my left hand.
  • Wrap my dumbass lips around BOTH a Hot Pocket and a gas-station frozen-burrito, which ANY FUCKING IDIOT KNOWS IS FILLED WITH LAVA UNLESS YOU LET IT SETTLE FOR AT LEAST TEN MINUTES, causing the faint hints of Tom Waits in my throat to gain just a little more ground

The lesson I should have but didn’t learn with my first guitar build was all about hardware.  In the case of building guitars, hardware has to do with what I would have referred to as “parts” before making one of these things on my own.  The machine heads (or tuners), the bridge, the pickups, frets, inlays, nut, pins, etc., etc.  The stuff that, even if you have the means to make them yourself (and yeah, you can totally make all of those yourself), you would probably buy anyway.  I mean, I could wind my own pickups.  It’s not terribly hard.  I’ve gone through that exercise before.  But I prefer pickups made by pros.

When you buy guitar parts, just like everything else that you could buy, you usually get what you paid for.  If you pay next to nothing for some tuners, you’re probably going to get some shitty tuners.  Well, guess what I did?  I paid next to nothing for some guitar tuners.  Guess what I got?  Some fucking guitar tuners that you can’t actually thread your fucking strings through.

Fucking great.

Well, I guess I’ll return these and wait for them to send replacements and…



No returns?

No swaps or replacement?

You’re motherfucking China and you don’t give two shits that you fucked up and I paid for it, even though your whole deal was “Satisfaction Guaranteed”?

Well fuck you, assholes!  Imma rate you a big-ol’ Zero outta Five Stars, you shitheads!

Wait… so… you already have a trillion “Five outta Five’s” which is what lead me to buy from you in the first place… hmm… and now that I look a little closer, it sees like those numbers might just be a tad bit fixed.


I’ve been fucking duped.

Welp.  At least they were cheap.  Now comes a decision – do I just chuck these out and write them off as a completely bad buy, or do I actually try to salvage them by milling out the heads?  What if it turns out they’re made from pot-metal and they break in the middle of a song?  Do I hunt down some new tuners for a moderate price and hope I don’t get fleeced?  Do I pay full price for some tuner that, honestly, I know from experience are not worth what they are charging?  Either way, I am exactly one step away from finishing my best guitar so far, a guitar that I have been dicking around with for over a year and cannot wait to play.  I am only a set of WORKING guitar tuners away from a great new guitar.  The shit am I supposed to do to finish this thing?


Also, Mahogany is HEAVY AS FUCK.  When I get down to get down, I like to strum, slap, and slink away for a good couple hours and heavy as fuck is not very conducive that this desire.

So, my weekend was terrible, how was yours?

I had plans this weekend.  Lots of plans.  I got to one of them – a light trip on Sunday morning with some friends.  I missed every single other thing because I was trashcan-puking-sick from Friday as the sun was setting straight on ’till my stomach was settled enough to pass out until Sunday.

Could it have been bad curry that I ordered from a curry joint that I have never ordered from before?

Could it have been a 24 hour stomach bug?

Could it have been that I overate?

Could it have been that my decision to try a Four Loko that I found from the last time I had people over was a poor choice?

Who knows.  All I know is that I clearly can’t blame myself.  Clearly, I am not responsible.

tl;dr – I fucked up my own weekend.  Or Indian food did.  I don’t know, whatever, I’m a jackass either way.

I also had another post I was planning on writing about this clothes shopping service that I signed up for on the internet called Trunk Club.  I might still write something up later on, but decided against it for now.  The long and short of it – it’s a pretty good service and I like what they do, despite having not kept a single thing in the first box.

Personal Update – 3/27/2013


  • Finished a few small projects that have been on the back burner for too long.
  • Excited to jump in on the next project.


  • Taco Tuesday is a complete hit with all of my home’s residents.  Granted, there is only one resident, and I happen to love tacos…
  • “30/30 is an awesome app” was the unfinished sentence from last week.  I should talk about it.  Great for staying productive.  Soon to apply it to work.
  • Finally losing weight again
  • Had a hookup that went okay, but I was feeling sluggish and that bummed me out a bit.
  • Haven’t had a chance to do any archery lately, mostly because the weather has been too cold.  Not too cold for me, rather too cold for the targets.  They freeze, which would be rather bad for my arrows.


  • The new Sim City has been broken, then got fixed, and is now… I still don’t know if I like it.
  • Star Craft II expansion is great.
  • Looking to pick up the rest of The Walking Dead (the vidya game)

Dirty Talk Thursday – I Watched Some Porns

So last week, I stated that I had stumbled upon some porns that I just happened to have saved some time ago.  I’m still not sure what that means I should think about myself or at least my former self, but… whatever.  I had committed to this idea that I would watch the porns, all the way through, and report back on my findings.

I have not done that yet.

I did, however, watch a good bit of one of them.  This was a porn DVD that I received as a free add-on with an order from my go-to sex-item store, adameve.com (totally not safe for work, why would you ever for a second think that an online sex store would be even remotely safe for work, you crazy person?).  The name of the porn is “Naughty Amateurs” and the company name is “Combat Zone”.  I don’t know why the company is named that.  I fucking don’t.  I’m sorry.  The DVD starts with an unskippable “story” of what the “Combat Zone” is, but it was so stupid that my brain refused to accept it.  I JUST tried to re-watch it in the middle of writing this and guess what?  I can’t even kind of remember what was said.  I know it was shitty enough to immediately jettison from my brain, so consider that my review of the intro.

The company has a website – www.combatzone.us (c’mon… why wouldn’t that be NSFW?).  I don’t know the company itself  and admittedly haven’t researched it, but everything I can see on its face is exactly what I hate about porn, and I am a man that loves porn.  Instead of having some real-assed woman knockin’ boots with some real-assed men in some real-assed fashion, they have these incredibly fake looking chicks getting nailed by gross looking dudes that – I guess? – we’re supposed to be impressed by.  Every individual that appears on screen looks like a horrible person, either because they are completely plastic and fake or because they look absolutely sickening.  It’s as if I can sense through the images they have some appreciable odor, some smell that hangs in the air around them, like stale sweat mixed with cheap perfume and Axe body spray.

The men remind me of my favorite porno whipping post, Evan Stone, cast for these hi-production porn videos and yet look horrible.  Big, giant, doofy-Joker faces.  Nasty-trailer-wrestler hair.  Constant gross sweaty-ness that I suspect is not equally combated by showers.  The constant look of “If I wasn’t in porn, I would be raping” on their faces.  They look like they aren’t even bothered enough to wash their hands or wipe their asses.  I find it impossible to smirk off with them in frame, or with the thought that they are present.

But instead of continuing to bash a company that I’m unfairly judging entirely on DVD covers and names, let’s get back to the video at hand (heh).  I just want to put this out there – Guy-Guy-Girl threesomes are in this video.  If you like those, fine.  I don’t, and they seem to be in every goddamn video I come across.  I have never and don’t believe that I will ever have a desire to engage in a sexual encounter where more than two-thirds of the people involved are male.  I’m not saying that I would never participate – if the sudden chance of bumping uglies with the most beautiful woman in the world presents itself while on a trip to Sao Paulo but she’s not into it unless my male travel companion joins in – guess what?  We’re probably going to high-five mid-coitus.  Yes.  That will happen.  And I will speak of it for years.  Unless I marry her, in which case, I will completely ditch that friend, deny the act ever happened, and never look him in the eye anytime we encounter each other at a social function, because that is a steadfast rule of The Social Contract.

Side note:  That maneuver  if you’re wondering, is commonly referred to as “The Eiffel Tower” or “London Bridge”.  I don’t know why those cities were honored (or dishonored)  with that title.  It would seem that New York and San Francisco have perfectly fine landmarks to replicate the image of a lady arched between two gentlemen, but whatever.  I’m happy our proud landmarks are not euphemisms for sex acts that I, massive pervert that I am, do not fully approve of.

To put a finer point on it – yes, I would absolutely join in on group sex where men outnumbered women, but only if it was worth it to me and it is not something I go looking for or fantasizing about.  In fact, at this point, I would rather have only one-on-one encounters than even have even a female-heavy orgy.  I kinda just want to focus on that lady that I’m messin’ with, and I really don’t want any distractions  because I want to learn and read her bits and pieces and figure out how to treat them correctly, instead of doing a halfassed job on multiple lady’s labia.  And I absolutely do not want to share the experience with some other dude.  I kinda don’t fuckin’ get it.  Unless you’re going buck-wild and all Caligula for a night, why the shit would you want to invite another person into your deal?  Why would you want anyone but the one other person that you want  to do some fooly cooly with?  Did I just accidentally make a point?  The fuck is going on here?

Oh, and sorry that was extremely accusatory.  Believe me, there have been times where I was way into the idea of multiple sex partners at the same time.  I have been in such situations where such things have happened.  I’m not saying you are horrible if you like it.  I’m just saying that I no longer understand that fantasy and maybe never did.

But back to the video – it’s not very good.  Two out of five stars, if I’m being generous.

tl;dr – No thanks on threesomes, especially if two-out-of-three are dudes, and why would you watch porn of that?  And man, I bet that room stinks.

Listen – my research is going poorly because all I keep coming across is self reported and I strongly believe that self reported data in the world of sexuality is complete and total bullshit.  It is really starting to piss me off, so I don’t know… I might pay some money to join some research things.  Idunno.  We’ll see what happens.

Dirty Talk Thursday – I Found Some Porn

Pornographic materials?  Out there in this world?  And I, of all people, have stumbled upon it?  Crazy, right?

I should be more specific – I found an old cache of porno DVDs in a DVD book from the back in the day that I was clearing out.  These DVDs do not look good.  They look like some of the shittiest porn that I would absolutely click right past if I were to come across their thumbnail on the modern internet.  And yet, they once did it for me enough that I felt it important to keep them AND make sure they were safe in a DVD book.  In case you’re wondering what a DVD book is, it’s basically just a huge DVD wallet.  In case you’re wondering what a DVD wallet is, it’s basically just a really big normal wallet that isn’t designed for monies, credit cards, and library identification but rather for as many DVDs as you can cram into it.  In case you’re wondering what a DVD is, you should really ask yourself if you are old enough to be reading this right now.


Of porn.

Late-90’s through early-00’s porno DVDs.

I… think… I think that I have to watch them.

I think I have to watch them.

I think I have to find out what early-to-mid 20-year-old me was rubbing one out to.

I did watch one.  Well… I mean… you know, not the whole thing, for reasons that should need going into.  It was not a good porn.  It wasn’t terrible, but it was also the best looking of the lot.  Maybe I’ll watch the rest and report back on it.  Or maybe I’ll just toss them out.  Or… can you donate those to Goodwill?

tl;dr – I might have a bad viewing or make a bad donation of not-so-good porno that I found from my younger year… no wait… they aren’t porns of me in my younger years, but rather porns that I watched when I wa… you know what?  Skip this post.

One is oddly labeled like it involves golden showers but I hate and have always hated golden showers so… I don’t know, maybe I’m just making assumptions of more horror than there really is.  Or at least here’s to hoping.

Personal Update – 03/13/2013

Missed Monday – sorry ’bout that.  Let’s get down to it.


  • I’m over my lack of involvement with the project that I was salty about last week.  Oddly enough, it now seems likes I actually might become more involved in it.  I’d like that, as I do like to both stretch and show off my skills.  But like I said, I’m over it.  And not arbitrarily or because I’m trying to be big about it or anything.  I’m not sure if I mentioned it last week, but the current manager actually seems to be making real progress with it and actually seems to understand what the project really is.  If it gets done in a reasonable amount of time and has the level of functionality that I’m looking for (i.e. the information is deep enough for me and not just the shallow level that “checks the box” for management), then I’m way into it and don’t care if my hands never touch it.
  • I now have another project.  A type of order, I suppose, that requires me to really stretch my mind every single time I get one.  Most who have done them seem to hate them but both my predecessor and I seem to love them.  I know it probably sounds crazy sauce, but I really do love the challenge.  I really do love to exercise my thinky bits.


  • Trying to develop some new “go-to” recipes that I can be happy with making/eating every or at least every-other week.  I think that having something like a “Taco Tuesday” is a really smart idea.  It makes for no-brainer planning, budgeting, calorie budgeting, etc.  Plus, something to look forward to.  “Fuck, this day is sucking… oh wait! Taco Tuesday!  Awesomesauce, I’ll bury my stupid face in some seasoned meat, sour cream, and hot sauce!”
  • 30/30 is an


  • Had some bloodwork
  • Scheduling a full physical
  • Scheduling an eye exam
  • Scheduling a dental exam
  • SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not happy that I’ve lost the mornings again, however temporarily so.
  • But it’ll be alright and I am happy that my evenings have some sun again.


  • No hookups – too busy and slightly not into the idea of so doing.
  • Joined the club and took a tour of the grounds.  Actually, it was my second tour, but I am glad I attended.  The first tour was kind of abbreviated and I clearly missed some important shit.  This time I caught it all and I got my membership card in the mail.  If the sun stays up long enough after I leave work, I have a feeling that I’ll be heading to that club to arch a bit.
  • My latest weight loss efforts haven’t been great, but that’s mostly because I haven’t been super disciplined.  I’ll fix that in the days ahead.


  • The new Sim City is good… but not great.  And that’s not just the fact that the first fucking week it came out noone could motherfucking play it because they weren’t on top of their fucking shit, fucking shitheads.  I know this is a First World problem, but fuck you.  When I pay for a product, I expect  to be able to use it.
  • I picked up the Star Craft II expansion but haven’t played it yet.
  • I finished the first episode of The Walking Dead: Season 1 (the video game, that is).  It was good.  I don’t feel good about most of my decisions, but it really doesn’t look like and of the others were any better.
  • I should still trade in some of the games that I don’t ever plan on playing again ever.

tl;dr – I am planning on making Tuesdays for Tacos… or I don’t know, some shit like that.  Whatever.

I really need to start getting to bed at a reasonable time.

Dirty Talk Thursday – Just something I found

So I’ve been scouring the internet (and, oddly enough, this big ol’ building with information in it that they call a “library”) for information on internet porn habits.  You see, I’m pretty interested in people’s internet porn habits.  I find it rather interesting in general, but I have found myself thinking about it in more specific ways of late.  Sometimes for legitimate “how do humans work” reasons.  Sometimes for just silly thoughts.  The latest silly thought I had?  How in the fuck is some of the most horrible shit on the planet ever forever so prevalent on porn sites?  Seriously.  How is it even possible that there are enough people on this planet that are into diaper porn that people would have recorded porn of it?  What the fuck is going on?

So I stumbled across this list of pornographic sub-genres on wikipedia… click on this.

I learned something else odd.  I stumbled across a listing a guy was remembering of some custom searching he had done when AOL released their search data.  Guess what a shitload of people searched for on AOL back in the day?  Oh, I don’t know – Animal porn.


Animal porn.

The fuck is with you people?

tl;dr – Anytime I think I’m a horrible person, all I need to do to reset my “horrible” barometer is to look into what you fucks are searching for on the internet.

But really, the point was to look at that wikipedia joint.  Give it a good once over.  Then let’s talk.


Personal Update – 03/06/2013

Alright, here’s what going on with me.  I used to call this a “Quick Check-in” but the phrase is not always apt.  This is a blog so here’s some blog-assed shit.  If you find this interesting in any way, I’m going to do my best to update it every Wednesday.  If you don’t at all enjoy that voyeuristic aspect of blogs where you read about someone’s life, it’s every Wednesday that you’ll want to skip from now on.  Come back on Thursdays for some filth.


  • I have found myself going into work on the weekends just to progress a little further on whatever project I’m working on.  I know that most people either wouldn’t do this.  If they would, it would be under protest.  But I don’t feel that way.  Noone has asked me to come in on the weekend.  My management would absolutely understand if I didn’t make the deadlines of the projects I am working on and my deadlines aren’t even in jeopardy   I just really, really, really want to fucking finish them.  It makes me wonder about the work attitudes of my peers – what drives you and why?  I never, ever, ever want to go into work “for the paycheck”.  I DO want to make as much money as I possibly can and DO think that my time is worth more than I am currently being paid, but that’s not what I mean.  I mean that I don’t just want to show up at the prescribed time, turn off my brains, push some fuckin’ buttons, sit through shitty meetings, keep my head down, and just make a living so that I can have a life away from work.  That’s not what I want.  I want more.  I want to be able to embrace my work and enjoy it.  I want to be able to talk about it with passion, positive passion, and to do so even if the overall subject is boring to others.  The work I do right now is terribly boring to others, but I find it deeply fascinating.  That’s why I go into work on the weekends.  Because I really enjoy this shit.
  • I have been experiencing a massive amount of upset over a project that I believe I can (and should) just fucking do but others keep laying claim to.  I don’t want to be too specific… well… maybe a bit.  It’s a corporate concept referred to as “metrics” or “dashboards”.  I know that most people view them as a burden but I don’t.  I think they are deeply important and interesting.  If designed with thought and care, they can become indispensable.  They can inform a manager, team leader, and team members of the overall status and progress of their work as well as a frame to view and analyze how their work has been performed and how they might improve their overall work life   More than once, I have heard my boss’s boss say that I need to be involved.  At least three different bosses have been told by her to include me, each more than once, and each has ignored this.  And each has failed so spectacularly that the next boss has had to start from scratch   That’s not entirely fair – the latest and current boss is not only taking steps to include me and the team lead, but actually seems to be making progress with the project.  I’m actually rather pleased with this.  However, I it has been months since the latest proclamation of “We need this” was stated.  I can design this shit in an afternoon.  I can build this shit over a weekend.  It can be built, perfect, and ready to go on Monday and I am thick-skinned and self-aware enough to understand that there WILL be “notes” from the boss, boss’s boss, and great-grand-boss and that some of what I design and build will not be appreciated and that they will require me to add shit that they want/need but never mentioned before.  I’m okay with that.  I just want to fucking make it.


  • Started leaning more heavily on meal planning and it has been working out.
  • Started a new routine for home maintenance (including cleaning, repair, etc.)


  • Had some bloodwork
  • Scheduling a full physical
  • Scheduling an eye exam
  • Scheduling a dental exam
  • SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that the sun is cooperative again and that I can jog in the morning.


  • Hooked up with an older woman (35-ish) and had an alright time.
  • Hooked up with a younger chick (21-ish) and had an alright time.
  • Didn’t hook up with a woman my own age (30) but did talk to her and had a great time.  Not sure what to make of that.
  • Joining an archery club and am super stoked about it.
  • This is technically a work thing, but really… it’s personal – I’ve joined a work “biggest loser” contest.  Given some of the people already on board, I don’t expect to win.  However, I was planning on jumping back in on the weight loss I started last year in the Spring anyway, and more motivation is welcomed.


  • Beat Dead Space 3.  It’s good.  There is a fervor over how the ending is so shitty that it ruins the whole series.  I don’t feel this way and think that if you do, you are fucking crazy.  The game has great controls, the greater story is (mostly) carried forward well, and the new mechanics are mostly okay.  I do agree that losing the tactical dismemberment aspect is bullshit and the ending parts are stupid as fuck, but you know what?  It’s a trilogy.  Guess what – someone involved will figure out how to fuck it up.
  • I’ve been playing the iOS version Sim City (which is pretty close to Sim City 2000, I think) in anticipation of the new Sim City.
  • I should trade in some of the games that I don’t ever plan on playing again ever.

tl;dr – I don’t know, some bullshit.

Maybe bullet points aren’t appropriate anymore…

Happy Monday, here’s some horseshit

Working on getting back into regular posts.  Sorry, things got busy and weird in both my personal and professional life for a while.

I was thinking about it the other day, actually, and it feels kind of strange.  In my youth, the Winter time was always when I was at my best.  As I transition into middle-aged (I guess), I’m finding that the Winter is my enemy.  I get kind of depressed and really work into a groove of inaction and disappointment   I need to figure out how to manage this before the next Winter, because I don’t enjoy it.  But hey, it’s Spring now, and I’m jazzed up and happy and shit.  I suppose if I feel comfortable talking about that, it should warrant its own blog post.

Anyway, I want to write a little about how this blog worked for a significant part of last year and how I’d like it to be going forward.  Dependable.  The idea came up when I decided to try to just pick a day each week to give the exact same type of content in a fairly standard format.  That was a good idea and was working great… until shit in my life started making me slip on it.  That’s not entirely true, there was a number of times that I could have blogged but didn’t.  I even had subjects to go over.  I had a huge problem that I really wanted to blog about where my furnace went out because a $20 thing that, apparently, goes out all the fucking time.  I had a lot to say about it, and might still go over it, but I didn’t strike while the iron was hot because, fuck I don’t know, video games and porn, right?

Anyway, I’d like to bring that concept back to this blog and embrace the “blog”-assed nature of it even more.  People seem to like the Dirty Talk Thursday bit, so that stays and I’ll dive even deeper into it.  Some  folk are pretty into me just talking about the mundane grind of my life, so I’ll keep that bit.  Some folk miss the “featured picture” for ever post, but I’ve been having back-end problems with that so… don’t expect a return.  However, I would like to address something brought up by a vocal minority of anonymous readers – I will include more shitty drawings.  Case in point:



It’s a man, standing on a hill in a field.  Waving at the sun.  Which is now a butt.  You’re welcome.

Some folk have actually, oddly enough, mentioned that they miss the brief time that I was doing music playlists.  Monthly playlists will not be coming back, but I put out more playlists in the future.  Those posts will just have to be come by more honestly.  Like, if I make a playlist for a friend, I’ll share it here.  Or if I’m in a certain mood and keep playing the same songs over and over, I’ll share it.  Or if I’m all fuckin’ jazzed about some songs and need you to hear them because fuck you, you need to, I’ll share it.  But not the forced, monthly bullshit.

What I have figured out about myself, especially when considering my own view of this shitty little blog, is that I like to be creative.  I like to study, I like to research, and I like to “try”.  I enjoy writing and problem solving, and I find doing so to be deeply cathartic.  So maybe I’ll start including more of that stuff.  I don’t know, I just know that I want to update frequently again and I like what I like.

tl;dr – I don’t know, there’s a buttsun.  Enjoy.

I’ve been toying with the idea of having a running story… we’ll see about that.