Aaron’s Notes is more or less a blog.  I’m Aaron, and I update this thing.  Anything and everything that crosses my mind has a pretty good chance of ending up here.  The most common things that I bring up here are music, video games, sex, porn, food, Science, pseudo-Science, dumbass shit, cars, dreams, general life-assed stuff, and silliness.  I like to make lists, spreadsheets, charts, and graphs.  Every now and then, I drop a poorly drawn interpretation of what I’m talking about.  Sooner or later I’ll post some kind of audio or video for things that aren’t as good in the written word.  I’m open to other people contributing to this here mishmash of b.s., and love me some comments.

What up with me?  I’m single and plan to stay that way (for at least a little while longer).  My life is mostly alright, but there are always problems.  I’m kind of a dick, a lot of a nerd, a pervert, a hobbyist, an amateur musician, and this nations “Nuclear Option”.  But don’t worry about all of that right now.  Just check out a thing or two from this site.  I suggest the post I did about what I hate in porn.  Or for a considerably less filthy thing, check out this post about how I suddenly have an unwanted roommate.


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