Happy New Year?

It’s the first day of 2017, my first post of the year, and my first post in quite some time.  2016 was a real… thing.  Lot of bad, bit of good.  Outside of a couple of half-written drafts that accidentally posted on accident, I didn’t really blog last year.  I’ve also largely punched out of social media.  Let’s be honest, I’ve largely punched out of social anything, including real life, though at least some degree of that is just a matter of not having time.

I’ve found some of that lost time and, having relearned to use it on real living and not just barely getting by between work tasks, I have been feeling a very strong desire to reengage with some of my more positive habits.  One of those is maybe writing a bit more.  Yeah?  Well, I guess we’ll see.  I have a lot I want to talk about, though I struggle for how to talk about it with any amount of entertainment value, and I’d prefer not to bore the rare reader to tears.  So yeah, I’m looking to do some more gettin’ on here, this website what I pay for and has my name on it and all.  But I guess we’ll see.

Also, fuck Trump and any asshole who voted for him.