Super quick-update

I’m about to be late for work, but whatever, it’s been forever since I’ve updated.  Here’s a quick one for the few of you that still check this out from time to time.  There’ll be some more of the older-style stuff in the future (though maybe not so much with the dirty stuff).

Work – I now have far too much going on to keep up.  My boss is aware of this, but my boss’s boss and on up don’t seem to be getting the message.  And I don’t think it’s my boss’s fault that they aren’t, I just think they aren’t capable of comprehending how much time shit actually takes.

Home – I bought a bed to put that mattress I got like, a year ago? on top of.  It has dramatically improved my sleeping experience.

Other stuff – Fuck (part of) what I said in my last post.  Maybe not the biggest and definitely not the pressing.  In other words, I’m still not going to make any moves or whatever if she isn’t single.  And I will still have a lot of pause if I think it will hurt the one friend of mine that it might.  But am going to talk to her/hang out with her.  She is my friend, and it would be shitty to both of us if I cut that off.  I’m not going to actively pursue her, I think, but if something happens between us, then I guess it’s because it’s suppose to.  She’s a hell of a woman, there is a connection there, and it ain’t a crush.  Not to say I can’t deal with however it turns out.  The only bummer is if she stays with dude and has the same feeling for me that I do for her.  In which case, my sticking around would just be torture.  That might add to my growing desire to maybe… move.  Maybe to the other coast or something.  I don’t know.

Alright, I gotta get the fuck out of here.

tl;dr – Work is tough; I got a bed; minor changes to the rash policies I drafted last week