Kinda pissed off about my job situation

This is going to be a blog-assed-blog post, so if you’re just here for the filthy and/or funny stuff I write, you might want to skip this one.  If you’re into blog-assed-blog shit, settle on it.

Remember how I applied for a new position at work?  To recap if you didn’t:

In my team at work, we have six positions –

  • 3 people that do the core work
  • 1 person that coordinates daily team efforts and workload
  • 1 person that does higher-level core work and wild-assed-shit
  • 1 “senior” person that does higher-level core work and wild-assed-shit
  • 1 manager

I’m the person that does higher-level/wild-assed work.  The guy who used to be the “senior” wild-assed-shit worker got promoted to a manager of another team, and his position opened up and was posted to the jobs market.  A bunch of people applied, including myself.  I don’t really think that I’m overstating things, but really, I am the best choice to replace the previous “senior”.  It’s been a few months now and I’ve not only been doing all of my work, I’ve also taken on all of the “senior” work, and I’ve been kicking ass with it.  Naturally, I’m a shoe-in.  I’ll get the “senior” position and my position will get posted with a strong effort to replace me as quickly as possible to balance the workload back out.  Pretty simple, right?


So I guess they’re going to go with someone with more experience, right?

Also wrong.

Instead, someone in my chain-of-command has decided that my team is handling the workload SO well, that we don’t need a “senior” anymore.  Nope.  We don’t even need a second “junior”.  Nope.  Instead, good ol’ Aaron can keep doing all of the “junior” AND “senior” work, and receive zero recognition for it.  And I’m being told that it isn’t a bad thing.

Fuckin’ really?  This is, what, good?  The fuck how?

The truth is, I really like my job.  I am also really, really, fucking good at it, and that’s not hubris talking.  And right now, I feel fucking betrayed.  I feel like I’m overworked and undervalued and that, for all of my extra efforts, I have just had my most immediate chance for advancement stolen right from my grasp.  I am doing the “senior” work, I don’t want someone else to come in and take that work from me, and I really fucking need someone to help burden this load.  So now what?  I feel like it’s career suicide if I just stay here, so even though I love my job, I think I have to leave it.  I’ll never get respect here, so I gotta just go, right?

tl;dr – having some work problems because I did a great job, somehow; no good deed goes unpunished.

Oh fuck, can I even take a day off now?  I don’t think I fucking can!