My current worst habit

I’ve recently become aware that I’ve developed a really fucking bad habit – I eat my dinner way too late.  And man, let me tell ya’, I’m talkin’ late.

Last night’s dinner was healthy as fuck.  I had medium portion of pan roasted lake trout, some Spanish rice, and some yummy baby bok choy.  That’s right ladies, this dude can cook.  Fuckin’ swoon.  But I feel like I completely undermined the awesome balance of caloric and other nutritional values but eating it at 10:30 at night.  YES!  I ATE DINNER LAST NIGHT AT TEN-FUCKING-THIRTY IN THE PEE-EM!  The fuck is wrong with me?

It’s a really shitty habit and I should have been more aware of developing it, because this isn’t the first time – albeit possibly the worst example.  I have habitually been eating my dinner no earlier than 7:30 PM (which would probably be okay), and usually closer to 8:30 to 9 PM.  It’s really not healthy, for soooooo many fucking reasons.  If it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to you, fuckin’ google that shit.  If you don’t believe what you read, tell ya’ what – try it for a while.  Tell me about your waistline a few months in.

I have more to say on that, but I’m pretty sure I’m on a road to being late to work today, so… gunna wrap this up in a second.  All that I can really say is that I know how to fix this one, and that’s to fall back on the only positive trait of mine that I can really rely on – routine.  I just need to alter what has become my current routine to, if this makes any sense, “stack the deck” of my tasks and dicking-around-times such that eating my dinner (and cooking it in most cases) takes place right when I get home from work, not after dicking around or whatever for a few hours.

tl;dr – I’ve developed a shitty habit of eating way the fuck to late at night and now have to correct that shit.

Also, I need to eat more fruit.

OH SHIT!  This is a Thursday post!  It’s supposed to be dirty, ’cause of the thing I used to do on the regular… uh… uh… Handjobs, tittyfuck, buttsecks!  Is that better?  Yeah?  Fuck!  I’ll try to make it up next week.