Quick Check-in – 07/16/2013

I’ve been 31 years old for a month now.  Not sure if that matters or not, I’m just lettin’ you know.

Remember when I used to update this thing like three times a week?  And that brief period that I was updating it like… every day?  Yeah, I had a lot of free time on my hands.  Or, I don’t know, slightly less “give-a-fuck” in me.  Alrighty, let’s do this shit Old School:


  • I am now so busy at work that I have no choice but to perform a sort of “task triage” every single day – I have these 30 tasks I need to get done at some point.  I have time for five.  These two need to be done today, so now to pick from the list what does and doesn’t get done.
  • So basically, the team I work in is supposed to have two people in my position – one senior and one junior (they don’t call it a junior, that’s just to make it easier to talk about).  I’m in the junior position and the guy that was in the senior position moved to manage another team.  So now there is just me, the junior, doing both jobs of the junior and the senior.  We are looking to hire a second person, but the spot is for the senior position.  If I want it, which I do, I have to apply for it, which I have.  I also have to interview and etc., which hasn’t happened yet.  It’s been long enough that I’m starting to both feel the pressure of having to shoulder all of the burden as well as feel somewhat insulted that my bosses haven’t just said, “Fuck it, you’re the new senior guy, let’s start looking for a new junior guy and let’s try to be quick about it.”  I feel like I’ve talked about this before… did I?  Fuck, I’m boring.


  • I’m having trouble keeping on top of clutter in a few rooms… but I think I’ve got an idea on how to handle that.
  • I picked up one of those obsessive fitness monitor gadget off of a suggestion from my brother.  It’s a Jawbone Up.  I’ve only had it a few days, and I’ve been slightly too forgetful to make the best use of it.  Even with that, I think I can say I like it.
  • Still haven’t gotten to the eye or dental exams, but I did make it to a physical.  Same as it always is – I need to lose some weight and blah blah blah.
  • I went on a few dates.  I was not all that into them.
  • did knock some boots with a pretty lady I met on the internet.  She was down for some dirty-dirty, which was nice.
  • Kind of bummed out over the loss of Ryan Davis.  He’s not a personal friend or anything, but he is probably the closest that I have ever been to feeling a real impact from the loss of a celebrity.  Also, I get the feeling that were he to hear such a thing, he would probably tell the person saying it to shut the fuck up with that bullshit.


  • Picked up the latest Batmensch game.  It’s been out for a good while, but I really didn’t have time to play it before.  It dropped down to $16 for the “Game of the Year” edition on Amazon, so… yeah.
  • Participating in the summer Steam sale.  I picked up 8 games for the price of one, and the sale is still going on.  I need to stay away from that place, yo’, lest I pick up way too many games to ever actually play.

tl;dr – I’m a boring working stiff with a fancy bracelet and video games.  Also, “Fuck, Ryan Davis” (the comma placement is pretty important).

Today is Taco Tuesday.  I must pick up salsa on the way home from work.