Quick check in 06-14-2013

It’s been about a week since I’ve last checked in and now is as good a time as any, so here goes.  I had a really good Wednesday this past week.  A handful of my friends and I took the day (or at least half-day) off to go fuck around like we did when we were teens… except with the power of being adults.  We went to a local gun store/range that lets you rent handguns and range time.  We fired off four different weapons, but I didn’t bother committing their names to memory.  Two were semiautomatic and two were revolvers.  One semiauto was 9mm, one was .38 caliber.  The 9mm felt almost exactly like the Beretta M9 that I was issued as a sidearm while I was in the Air Force, which felt a little surreal.  The .38 didn’t feel much different, to be honest.  I was expecting a lot more kick.  The same goes for the revolvers, one of which was also a .38, the other was a .22.  I remember firing a .38 revolver while I was in Iraq (it’s complicated), and it had a whole lot more kick than this one.  Still, the .38 revolver did have enough kick and weapon heft to make me feel all “Fistful of Dollars” all up in that bitch… though I think the movie gun may have been a .45… whatever, don’t judge me.

I have fired a .45 revolver in my life.  Also a .50 cal Desert Eagle.  Being a man who respects tools and machines for what they are, I find weapons very fascinating.  I don’t own any and may never, but don’t have a problem with those who do, even if their reason for owning is just, “Man, they’re cool”.  Firing a .45 revolver feels awesome.  However, at least for me, firing the Desert Eagle is terrifying.  But then, handguns were never really my thing.  Rifles and carbines have always been more my style.  I’m surgical with an M4 (or at least used to be), and have recently had a strong interest in picking up an M14.  Not sure why.

After the range, we went to race go karts.  To be completely honest, that was my favorite part.  We raced three times and I came last in every race (but never in bed! ZING!).  Losing didn’t matter.  Getting up to speed, feeling the road (or… warehouse concrete, really), and challenging friends and hairpin corners alike was what mattered, and it was invigorating.  I’d do either again in a heartbeat, but if I were choosing between the two, I’d pick racing 10 out of 10 times.  To bring up recent strong interests again, I’ve also been thinking of checking out getting a shitty car I can mod and race at track days.  Don’t think I’ll be following through with that anytime soon, but… it’s there.

This weekend, I had originally planned on heading out of town.  I was thinking I’d hit the road right after work on Friday (today) and just kinda go… somewhere.  Nothing for the price/timeframe really caught my eye, especially just going solo.  If I’m going to solo something, I think it would be a return to Europe or East Asia, parts of each being fantastic whether with a group or on your own.  But that’s for another time, what’s important is that my weekend plans have changed.  I still plan to get out of town for a while, though I don’t anticipate any overnights.  My current primary traits of busy, lazy, and organized are at odds with each other and I need to rectify that as soon as possible.  So what I think I’ll do is head out tomorrow morning bright and early for some bow target practice, come home to start cleaning up my place, and then maybe drive out to a campsite that I’d like to scout for a potential trip later this summer.  Then Sunday, I’ll wrap up whatever cleaning/organizing is left to do in my place.  Man.  Exciting.  Maybe I’ll go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Or Home Depot.  I don’t know, right!?!  There’s so much to do!

tl;dr – I think I just realized that I am the definition of lame

Well… fuck.  That ruins my self image a little.

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