Dirty Talk Thursday – Just something I found

So I’ve been scouring the internet (and, oddly enough, this big ol’ building with information in it that they call a “library”) for information on internet porn habits.  You see, I’m pretty interested in people’s internet porn habits.  I find it rather interesting in general, but I have found myself thinking about it in more specific ways of late.  Sometimes for legitimate “how do humans work” reasons.  Sometimes for just silly thoughts.  The latest silly thought I had?  How in the fuck is some of the most horrible shit on the planet ever forever so prevalent on porn sites?  Seriously.  How is it even possible that there are enough people on this planet that are into diaper porn that people would have recorded porn of it?  What the fuck is going on?

So I stumbled across this list of pornographic sub-genres on wikipedia… click on this.

I learned something else odd.  I stumbled across a listing a guy was remembering of some custom searching he had done when AOL released their search data.  Guess what a shitload of people searched for on AOL back in the day?  Oh, I don’t know – Animal porn.


Animal porn.

The fuck is with you people?

tl;dr – Anytime I think I’m a horrible person, all I need to do to reset my “horrible” barometer is to look into what you fucks are searching for on the internet.

But really, the point was to look at that wikipedia joint.  Give it a good once over.  Then let’s talk.