Happy Monday, here’s some horseshit

Working on getting back into regular posts.  Sorry, things got busy and weird in both my personal and professional life for a while.

I was thinking about it the other day, actually, and it feels kind of strange.  In my youth, the Winter time was always when I was at my best.  As I transition into middle-aged (I guess), I’m finding that the Winter is my enemy.  I get kind of depressed and really work into a groove of inaction and disappointment   I need to figure out how to manage this before the next Winter, because I don’t enjoy it.  But hey, it’s Spring now, and I’m jazzed up and happy and shit.  I suppose if I feel comfortable talking about that, it should warrant its own blog post.

Anyway, I want to write a little about how this blog worked for a significant part of last year and how I’d like it to be going forward.  Dependable.  The idea came up when I decided to try to just pick a day each week to give the exact same type of content in a fairly standard format.  That was a good idea and was working great… until shit in my life started making me slip on it.  That’s not entirely true, there was a number of times that I could have blogged but didn’t.  I even had subjects to go over.  I had a huge problem that I really wanted to blog about where my furnace went out because a $20 thing that, apparently, goes out all the fucking time.  I had a lot to say about it, and might still go over it, but I didn’t strike while the iron was hot because, fuck I don’t know, video games and porn, right?

Anyway, I’d like to bring that concept back to this blog and embrace the “blog”-assed nature of it even more.  People seem to like the Dirty Talk Thursday bit, so that stays and I’ll dive even deeper into it.  Some  folk are pretty into me just talking about the mundane grind of my life, so I’ll keep that bit.  Some folk miss the “featured picture” for ever post, but I’ve been having back-end problems with that so… don’t expect a return.  However, I would like to address something brought up by a vocal minority of anonymous readers – I will include more shitty drawings.  Case in point:



It’s a man, standing on a hill in a field.  Waving at the sun.  Which is now a butt.  You’re welcome.

Some folk have actually, oddly enough, mentioned that they miss the brief time that I was doing music playlists.  Monthly playlists will not be coming back, but I put out more playlists in the future.  Those posts will just have to be come by more honestly.  Like, if I make a playlist for a friend, I’ll share it here.  Or if I’m in a certain mood and keep playing the same songs over and over, I’ll share it.  Or if I’m all fuckin’ jazzed about some songs and need you to hear them because fuck you, you need to, I’ll share it.  But not the forced, monthly bullshit.

What I have figured out about myself, especially when considering my own view of this shitty little blog, is that I like to be creative.  I like to study, I like to research, and I like to “try”.  I enjoy writing and problem solving, and I find doing so to be deeply cathartic.  So maybe I’ll start including more of that stuff.  I don’t know, I just know that I want to update frequently again and I like what I like.

tl;dr – I don’t know, there’s a buttsun.  Enjoy.

I’ve been toying with the idea of having a running story… we’ll see about that.