Dirty Talk Thursday – A Strange Desire

If everything worked out, then this little post should be going up Thursday morning, as it fucking should every Thursday when I’m not goddamned slacking off on my pervert nature (sorry about the laps in regular posts, but… it’s still just a blog).  It’s going up Thursday morning, but I’m writing this Wednesday evening.  I live in central-ish Maryland where the weather couldn’t possibly bother to be consistent or predictable.  It was about 18 degrees most of last week (post coming about a shitshow I lived through because of it), but most of this week has been in the 50’s and 60’s.  Yesterday, it got up to about 70 (maybe a little under), and was sunny and warm enough for me to walk around in a thin golf polo.  I was quite comfy.

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow night.

It was 65 today.

It’s supposed to be sunny and warm for part of this weekend.

It’s also supposed to be freezing with a “wintery mix” for part of this weekend.

Great.  So should I re-unpack my winter clothes?  Or fuck it, should I just go on ahead and pull out my swim trunks because it could be 98 and the city might install a pool in my parking lot for no good reason?

Tonight is raining.  And it’s raining hard.

I wouldn’t call it “storming”.  To me, “storming” implies more than rain.  To me, it isn’t “storming” unless there is rain, thunder, lightning, and massive gusts of wind howling through the trees and terrorizing window panes.  As a minimum, there should be at least a little thunder with that rain.

There isn’t any thunder tonight, but there is plenty of rain.  In fact, my area is apparently in the middle a flood advisory.  Or the other one… warning?  Watch?  I don’t know, whichever the one is that means, “Yo, this isn’t a ‘might’.  It ‘is’ happening, and you should know.”  I live on the second floor of a pretty sturdy building with good drainage, so I’m not worried.  I do feel sorry for my downstairs neighbors, but I will be largely unaffected   It has, however, reminded me of a long standing sexual desire of mine that I no longer worry about sharing and actually wonder if anyone else shares it.

I really want to have sex in the rain.

Let me clarify – I really want to have sex in a hardcore downpour.  It doesn’t need to be storming.  Actually, I would rather prefer the whether doesn’t match my earlier description of a “storm”.  I don’t want thunder and lightning – being in danger doesn’t improve the sexual experience for me.  I don’t want howling wind and chilly temperatures – uncomfortable sex doesn’t work me.  I maybe wouldn’t even want it to qualify as “torrential”, as I imagine that might make it tough to keep track of each other or focus on the task at hand, and I do rather prefer to be in the moment of it.  I know everyone has their preferences, so if want it dangerous, uncomfortable, or distracting then wha-ev-or.  I’m not judging.  I’m also not that into exhibitionism, which does pose a bit of a problem for accomplishing this desire around where I live.  Unless I did a good deal of planning and had a woman ready to go at the drop of a hat, I can’t imagine it would be easy for me to pull this off.  But practicality aside, I truly would love to do this.

I think it might be connected to my often neglected romantic side because I kinda don’t really want to have sex in the rain with a one night stand, and I generally want to do everything else with one night stands.   And yeah, I mean everything.  This seems like something worth investigating.  If there is already data out there, I would like to compile it.  Am I alone in wanting to bang in the rain?  Is it a common desire?  What other desires, short of fetish, are common?  I don’t know.  If I get the time, I would really like to look into it.

tl;dr – I wanna bang in the rain but… you know… like in a cool way.  And I wonder if you want to.  Pervert.

Unrelated to this post, I have had a really, really strong desire to play a couple of old games.  Top of the list?  Battlezone.  No, not the 1980’s Atari classic.  I mean the oddball 1998 first-person-shooter cross real-time-strategy where you travel into space to fight the Russians to rip off ancient alien technology and FUUUUUUUUUUUCCKCKCKCKCKCKC IT WAS SOOOOO AWESOME!!!