Dirty Talk… Check-in?

I don’t really have time to make what I would consider a “full post” but have been so infrequent with posting that I have decided to take my own damned advice: just put out something, even if it’s short.

Here’s what’s been keeping me busy:

  • Work
  • Home maintenance (my place is currently freezing because of a broken $20 thing… fuuuuuuuck)
  • Holidays/Catching up with friends and family
  • Editing some 3 Guys episodes (yes – we have recorded more than  one in 2013)
  • Projects that I’ll get into later (guitar building, board game, etc.)
  • Trying too hard for dirty sex

About that last part:

I rejoined Onlinebootycall.com, which I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned before.  I’ve also been catting around Craigslist and various other places.  It’s been a bit more difficult to pick up ladies of late.  I have to assume that at least some of that has to do with my age, current weight, and weird long hair/perpetual three-day-shave look.  However, not all of it.  I would say that the biggest problem is the uncanny amount of spam-bots and hack-accounts.  At this point, I would estimate that for every real account I come across I first have to wade through at least thirty fake ones.  It’s fucking terrible.  For the first time ever, I might actually say it could be easier to hook up at a bar or club.  Woof.  I am not a fan of clubs.  I do like bars, but I do not like hooking up at bars.  Major pain in the ass.

Well anyway, that’s where I’m at.

tl;dr – Troubles boning paradise?

Oh… two more things.  1) I’m doing a site re-design for this.  Chances are that will really just be picking a new WordPress theme and lightly customizing it.  This is partly to curate my content in a better way and partly because 2) I’m having a lot of trouble uploading pictures.  I’m also going to use it as a minor testing ground for this fabled group site I keep threatening to make.  Alright, catch you lates.