Very late check in – 1/16/2013

It’s been too long and I’ve had a few too many skipped posts.  Some are actually mostly written, I just haven’t finished polishing them.  I’ll see about scheduling that out.  Anyway, here’s a slap-dash quick check in.


  • The business of work ramped up a bit and I started taking some of it home with me.  This wasn’t required, but I felt it necessary to keep my pace.


  • Some pretty cool stuff happened that I probably won’t talk about because I can’t imagine they would matter to anyone but me.
  • A few cool things that might warrant their own posts.
  • A shitty thing or two that I might talk about happened
  • Christmas was great, New Years was mellow.
  • I finished my never-ending-Spring cleaning (later post)


  • Mostly fell off of my plan for December for dubious reasons.  Restarted last week, but easing into it.  Can’t wait for the sun to start coming up early again.
  • Have a few appointments coming up.  I can schedule my doctor’s appointments online now!  About fuckin’ time!


  • I have a dirty sex thing that happened that I should probably talk about, but… I don’t know.


  • Tropico 3
  • FTL
  • Hotline Miami
  • The Walking Dead (still on Episode 1)

This blog/other projects:

  • Getting better at scheduling 3 Guys
  • Going to make a request of the potential new website partners for a starter backlog of content.  I don’t want any single day that goes without at least one post, and I’d prefer several a day.

tl;dr – I should have updated earlier, but take this as a sign that my break is over.

Ahhhhhhh time to shower and lumber my way to work.