Christmas Stuffs

Sorry for not posting for forever, but as I’ve said before… it’s a blog.  I can do what I want.  I figured I may or may not resume my regular schedule before the beginning of the new year so I should at least give a quickie on my holiday shoppingz.

Unlike last year, I was actually able to complete the vast majority of my gift shopping well in advance of the holiday.  Although… unlike a few years ago, I was unable to complete all of my gift shopping before the end of November.  In fact, a few years before that I was actually able to pick up every gift before the end of the summer.  That was pretty rad.  It also started a new tradition of my own where I pick up stocking stuffers with a unified theme.  Last year I got everyone board and card games.  Another year I got everyone books.  Another year I got everyone books.  My plan for this year’s theme somewhat fell apart, but I ended up thinking about it so hard that I think I already have next year’s stuffers already picked out.  Better yet, I think I have gifts for my hardest-to-shop-for people already picked out.  This is good, because this year I got so boned by not being able to come up with gifts (as well as some shitty shipping failures from Amazon third-parties sellers) that some people aren’t going to get their gifts until after the holiday.  I still get to give them something great, which I’ll feel better about once it actually happens, but… man, I really wish I could have done it on the day.

Anyway, a lot of the gifts that I gave this year were picks right off of people’s Amazon wish lists.  I’m happy with that because I know that they’re getting something that they want.  On the other hand, I would have been much happier knowing that I could give them something that they didn’t even know that they wanted, but when they got it they just loved it.

I feel I can say that last sentence with ease.  I haven’t even hit Christmas day or unwrapped the majority of gifts from this year, but I have already received two gifts that I didn’t know I wanted and I absolutely love.

I don’t know when the conversation happened.  It might have been earlier this year, it might have been last year.  I was talking to my dad at some point about a woodworking problem that I was having.  More specifically, I was asking/griping about luthier-type problem.  Well… I don’t know if the term “luthier” really aplies or not.  It’s for people what craft stringed instruments, but I’m not really sure if it applies to electric guitars.  Oh… um… I sometimes dabble in making/repairing guitars, but that’s almost exclusive to the electric variety.  But whatever, the problem was that I wanted to make square holes.  I’m not really sure if it is a common practice for guitar makers, but being able to drill a square hole would clear up some of my other production problems.  In some cases, I have to drill an extra-large or otherwise unsightly hole.  In others, I have to drill a pilot hole, do some wacky routing, and then work some carving knives and/or chisels.  It’s kind of a pain in the ass and I’m not super-great with carving knives and chisels.  I’m not blaming the tools here.  I’m clearly just not good with them.  One solution would be to just get better at using them.  The other would be to cut or drill a square hole.  I preference is option “C” – all of the above.  But as far as I know, drills happen to drill circles.  Turns out – there actually are drills that can drill a square.  Huh.  Who knew?  My Dad did, apparently, because that was the first of awesome gifts that I had no idea I wanted.

The second of the pair was a watch.  Now listen – I have actually kinda wanted a new watch for a while.  That’s for realz.  But anytime I really think hard about getting one, I end up contemplating what a single watch would have to do in order to meet all of my needs.  And there are some pretty damned fancy-dancy magic watches out there.  Also some blinged-the-fuck-out watches.  Always end up wanting a little bit of everything and always end up thinking that I either need a thousand dollar classy looking watch with tactical style watch capabilities or I need like two to five cheaper watches.  This is ridiculous.  Which is why the rad watch that my Dad got both my brother and I is an awesome gift.  It’s a classy Invicta Lupah with four interchangeable leather watch bands.  That’s pretty fucking cool, right?  Fuck right it is.  Hell, I could even have a really nice looking watch for work (or dah club) if I just another watch band.  That’s pretty rad.

tl;dr – I am now certain that the thoughtful gift that the gift receiver didn’t know they wanted is the best way to go, but damn if that isn’t a tall task.

Yeah, sorry about that huge gap of posts.  It’s been busy.  I’ll show you the things that I’ve been up to soon.  Promise.

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