Quick Check-in: 12/05/12

Sorry for the impromptus vacation there.  There was supposed to be content coming out but I’m a stupid so the dates were all wrong.  This kinda works out because those posts desperately need some editing.  Anyway, tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the USA so I’m preparing my guts to be ravaged by an overabundance of excessively hearty foods.


  • Everyone has their own priorities and they change over time.  My current priorities mean that I am probably going to lose at least a week’s worth of paid time off.  I hope this doesn’t translate to bosses that my time isn’t worth much.  Learning my job has been super important to me.  I want to put in the time now so when I do take a family, I can give more time to them.
  • I am kicking ass and taking names with a few projects.  Others are… slipping a bit.  Gotta reevaluate.


  • Nothin’ special happened.


  • Between a restarted exercise routine and a Sunday spent paint-balling, I am extremely sore.  But whatever, it’s nothing new to me.


  • The Super-Strat got is mostly assembled.  I’m dealing with a weird hardware mish-mash problem, but it should work out.
  • Trying to finish up Christmas shopping but most of the people in my life that I give gifts to are impossible to buy for.
  • I put five arrows in the exact same place from 40 yards.  Fuck yeah.


  • I need to finish Black Ops 2.  I’m right on the cusp.
  • I’ve gotten back into playing Civilization V for some reason… But I don’t really have time for it, so I’m really not that far into that super-long-assed-game.

This blog/other projects:

  • Working on some options to get around the 3 Guys scheduling issues
  • Building up some “Screwed Profiles” by request
  • Need to start forcing the issue of at least the website name

tl;dr – I don’t know why any of you would care about that but I need to fill a day’s worth of blog and this is a blog so fuck it right?

Run-on sentences are the best.