Back from nowhere

Hey folks and thanks for checking in.  I kinda punted the blog for much of November.  Sorry about that.  I’ve been a might bit busy with some other things.  Sometimes life is a real motherfucker.  Some of the things that have been keeping me busy are probably worth bringing up here.  Some cooking, some building, some catting around the internet like a dirtbag for my pervy sex and all of that.

In fact, I’m going to talk a little about the catting around the internet thing right now.  I rejoined


And it has been a little weird.  Not the service itself.  No.  That’s fine.  In fact, I’d say the site has greatly improved since last I was a Gold member.  It’s fantastic now.  You can really cat around and get your pervert on.  What has gotten weird is the clientele.  Don’t get me wrong – I am also a weird.  I’m not throwing stones.  But yeah, there are some strange people on there.  A lot more transgender-ed persons.  A shitload more cross-dressers   A metric fuckton more prostitutes.  Now look, I’m no prude.  I got nothing’ wrong with any of those things.  It’s just strange.  I kinda wish the website would just acknowledge the presence of these folks and build them into the personal settings.  It’s nothing personal or anything, I’d just like for my search settings to filter out stuff like that.

There are other weird things going on there, too.  There are a lot more older people on there.  I mean… the amount of grannies in panties on that site is a little disturbing.  Also… some of them are kinda hot.  Yeah.  Weird, right?  Well, maybe not.  I’m 30 now, and I’m tossing around the term “granny” pretty haphazardly.  I’m using the term for any woman over 40 which, being honest, isn’t all that old.  In fact, there’s a 40 something woman that I’m trying to hook it up with right now.  She’s short, skinny, and has a big ass.  And I’m what you might call an “ass man”*.  She’s also hinted at never having tried anal and now thinking about giving it a go.  This is a plus for me.  The way I see it, anal is one of those things that you either love, hate, or haven’t tried yet.  Unsurprisingly, I love it.  I don’t know why (it’s probably because I’m a dirtbag) but I really enjoy bringing ladies from the side of hating or not trying it over to the loving it side.  Yeah.  That’s how I get my kicks.  Pfffffft… I’m a degenerate.

A positive change of clientele – considerably fewer women are there looking for friends.  I’m a pretty big fan of that.  Back when I first signed up for the site here was a rash of chicks that were treating the place like a myface type of website.  It sucked.  You’d try to chat good looking lady up for some “hey, how are ya'” and all you’d get back would be static.  Static at best, hell sometimes they’d flip the bitch switch faster than Superman folding laundry.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been called an asshole or a pervert for assuming that a chick on might want to fool around.  The site is called “onlinebootycall” not “facebook”.  It may as well be named “”.  Please, I’m asking this of you – if you’re reading this now and thinking of joining but aren’t looking to hook up with someone, stop thinking of joining.  If you are on that site you really don’t have the right to be offended by someone implying you might want to hook up.

tl;dr – I rejoined, the website has improved, the people on it have gotten weird, I’m trying to buttsecks a 40 year old.

There are other things going on, but I think I need to log some more time with the site before I go running my mouth anymore.

*Also – if I don’t get to it soon, remind me to post about my “Universal Theory of Ass”.  I do love a big-ol’-giant ass.  I also love a tiny-tight-taught bubble-butt.  There is method to this madness.  I promise.