Quick Check-in 11-21-12

Sorry for the impromptus vacation there.  There was supposed to be content coming out but I’m a stupid so the dates were all wrong.  This kinda works out because those posts desperately need some editing.  Anyway, tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the USA so I’m preparing my guts to be ravaged by an overabundance of excessively hearty foods.


  • Mostly working on technical docs.
  • Finally took some time off.  Taking off more next week.  That would be a good time to work on the personal shit that has been slowing me down.


  • I finally got my parking passes!
  • I made cookies.  I’m not that into cookies.  I guess I’ll bring them to Thanksgiving?
  • I had too many apples so I made some things with it.  It’s a good excuse for a food post so look out for that.


  • Started back up on my jogging/walking routine.  Writing this quickly so I can head out at sun up.


  • Boobs and Meats fell through.  I’m very salty about that.
  • The Super-Strat got put on hold because I needed a piece of hardware.
  • Still on the hunt for a nut (heh) for my normal Strat.
  • Bow shooting on a regular.  It has been fantastic.


  • Picked up Hotline Miami – it’s fantastic.
  • Picked up Black Ops 2 – it’s pretty good so far.

This blog/other projects:

  • Trying to decide how the “board” part should work…
  • I think I’m going to phone it in on the opening website.

tl;dr – A bunch of useless information unless you are actually interested in reading about my personal life.

Off for some stupid!