Dirty Talk Thursday?

It’s Thursday.  The day that I talk about dirty things.  And I got nothin’ to talk about…

Actually, I kinda do.  It’s just maybe not all that compelling.  You know how I have a favorite lube?  Particularly when doing that one thing?  You know… the one that smells like cinnamon candy and gives me a certain reaction?  So… I think it might have a numbing agent in it.  This might actually be a reason that both I and the ladies enjoy it.  For the ladies, a lite numbing agent in the butt could potentially kill off some of the unwelcomed pain that comes with having a Johnson up there… although I might argue that my unit is unlikely to cause pain… just sayin’.

As for why a lite numbing agent works for me there are two reasons.  The first is that it numbs it just a touch so I can still totally feel it but maybe last a little longer.  I rather enjoy the journey so, yeah.  It’s pretty great that I get to have a slightly longer journey when I use that stuff.  The second reason that I think it works for me is probably that the ladies get into it.  I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again because it isn’t a lie – I get off on the chick getting off.  I mean… it’s not an “only this way” thing, but it’s a pretty heavy assist.  If I’m anywhere near the finish line and the chick hits hers, that’s my curtain call.

As such, I’d like to re-assert my recommendation.  Pick up a bottle of this stuff.  Give it a try.  Or, you know… if you’re a lady, swing by my place.  Have a little test drive.

tl;dr – More reasons to like that lube with the cinnamon scent.

Yeah, sorry for being a fanboy of that stuff.