Busy weekend ahead…

Well… not really that busy, just full.  Busy would imply a lot travel and multiple destinations.  That’s not what’s going on.  I have three?  I think four destinations.

Saturday morning: Archery practice with my brother.

Saturday afternoon: Birthday party grill out for a friend.

Saturday evening: Potential “date”?

Sunday morning: Home Depot and chores.

Sunday afternoon: Extended training.

Sunday evening: A bar with an old friend.

Yeah, busy would not be the correct term for that.  To be honest, I don’t know how long each of these will take.  I’m hoping some will only take a few hours instead of the full section of the day because, to be frank, I have more unfinished chores than I have hours in this weekend.  I don’t like it when my place gets unkempt.  Really makes me get back to considering getting a once-a-month cleaner.

tl;dr – I should get a cleaner.  Or a time machine.

And I should start writing next week’s dirty Thursday thing.  Otherwise, it will likely get pushed another week.