Kill a zombie and fuck a vampire, ’cause it’s Halloween and you don’t give a fuck!!!  Well, actually I do give a fuck, except that I don’t give a fuck that it’s Halloween because it’s a weeknight and I’m guessing that most of my state is using the storm as an excuse to not do shit.  Incidentally, if the hurricane, winter storm surge, or any other the other crazy shit happening right now fucked you up – I get it.  Mother Nature can really be a cunt some time.  I’m just talking shit about my chunk of central-ish Maryland.  Shit never happens here.  It’s one of the few things that I like about it.  It’s safe as fuck.  No matter how much people like to pretend this area has a ghetto or that there are dangers any greater than shithead deer lurking around the woods, this place is safe as fuck.  Fuckoff with your bullshit.  Anyway, lots of people took the day off.  Some of which I’d bet probably had to do with flooding, power outages, trees.  Some kind of legit shit, though it likely isn’t as bad as their claiming.  But I guarantee that lots of motherfuckers are just using this as an excuse to stay home.  How do I know this?  Because I live in the same town as them.  It’s the same town that the building for our job is in.  I didn’t just narrowly make it in to work, either.  I was early on Tuesday.

But that might just be me hating.  Here’s me not hating and just recapping my life which is the purpose of these Wednesday check-ins.


  • I am getting close to actually finishing with the giant, busy, horrific pile is madness that was slapped on my plate earlier this month.
  • Aaaaaaaaand… then I have to do more shit.
  • And let’s not forget the fact that I still have most of my paid leave for the year and very little of the year left to actually use it.


  • Still haven’t gotten my parking stickers/passes.  Starting to piss me off a bit…
  • It’s been over a week since I’ve run a vacuum.  I’m not okay with that.
  • The last bits and pieces of organization, neatness, purging bullshit have laid idle for a little while because of… busy.  Lazy.  Tiredy.  I don’t know, whatever.


  • First wishy-washy plans and now a bullshit storm have canceled the Boobs and Meat mid-week outing and I’m a little pissed about it.  This is under health because attending such a thing would likely be a little rough on my weight loss but would almost certainly be great for my whatever the fuck else it is… soul? I guess?
  • Easing into the 95%+ veggie instead of a full-on-plung.  The most likely dish that I’ll make that isn’t completely vegetarian will be French Onion Soup.  This is something that I actually can make without meat or meat products, but I tend to prefer it made with beef stock (along with a mixture of both red and white wines, call me crazy, call me maybe).
  • I’m getting back into a fun and active thing – dancing at home.  Fun fact: I love to dance.  I hate dancing in public.  In this case, my friend and internet-bullshiting-partner Jackie and I are making weekly challenges to each other to out-dance each other on a chosen song.  One song per week.  Dance your ass off until you fucking house the other guy.


  • Boobs-B-Q WILL happen next week if I have fucking anything to do with it.
  • I still want to do mini-golf, but I feel like it’s cold enough that it has to be an indoor place.  I also want to have an “after” venue.  This should have happened months ago, but fuck dude.  Life is life.
  • I got some more guitar parts.  Not all of them where what I was expecting.  I’m having the fucking hardest time finding a nut to fit my neck for my Chalkboard Strat.
  • My brother and I finally got our bows.  Mine is pretty close to today’s featured picture.  In essence, it’s a 2012 PSE Brute X.  it’s a low-to-mid model of the better classes of compound bows.  To be completely honest, I think I’m more of a competition Olympic recurve bow kind of guy, but I also want to hunt.  I feel like you gotta be a real billy-badass to hunt just about anything without at least a 50 lbs compound bow, though.  Frankly, I just can’t hold a 50 recurve for the hours upon hours that could be required.  I’ll put up some more pictures of my gear another time, as well as some archery thoughts.  I’m very ametaur, so don’t expect anything helpful.


  • I started playing FTL.  I fucking love it.  I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!

This blog/other projects:

  • Minor dirty tomorrow.
  • My Friday’s keep getting boned.  I need to do some catch up jazz.
  • Prototype game pieces.  That’s all I have to say.
  • Eyeballing some initial layouts.  That’s all I have to say about THAT.

tl;dr – Bows, Boob-B-Q’s, and some life-assed-life.  That’s what’s going on in my life.

Oh right!  Insomnia!  I keep forgetting to talk about it.  Maybe one of these days…