I test out my craigslist pickups as MFC shtick…

This is another point that must sound like a giant pile of stupid and lies but, fo-realz.  I have actually been taking my one-liner and otherwise pick-up-line bullshit to MyFreePaySite and trying it out on the ladies of it.  Granted, I haven’t actually done this in some time.  For some reason, I have had less desire to go catting around the internet or chatting up ladies in person.  But whatever, the concept still stands.

Here’s what I do.  I log onto MFC, find a chatty lady, and start chatting.  Depending on her personality… or at least whatever personality I can detect, I’ll either try some real, honest, “actually want to pick her up” flirting or some kind of filthy madness that I would toss up on craigslist.  On the pick up flirty style side of things, I tend to go for laughs and giggles from nice ladies.  Although I do like it when the response is a clear “swoon”.

But on the dirty side, I find a dirty-birdy and I just start firing away.  All types of stuff.

“That ass looks like heaven”

“I wanna make your mouth pregnant”

“If I could squeeze my junk between your tits I would be so happy”

“Something something buttsex something”

You get the jist.  If something really strikes a chord, I’ll take that something to craigslist or some kind of hookup site and toss it out there.  Oddly enough, they actually sometimes get a bite.  I find this fascinating.  It’s kind of like getting a look into the mind of the other gender.  Not to say that all women are alike.  In fact, I’d say that a result of this goofing around has been a sort of validation of just how different people can be.  There are things that I can say to some that I’d really better not with others.  But it does make me wonder – if I were to be in a real relationship again, what type of personality would really mesh with me?  Right now I’m thinking something along the lines of “Lady on the streets, freak in the sheets”.  Because, c’mon, I wouldn’t want to date a lady that talked dirty all the time, but I would want her to get dirty.  Real dirty.  And often.  But it would also be nice to have my dirty schtick acknowledged.

tl;dr – I say awful things to chicks on MFC, if the ladies like it I take it to craigslist, some examples, then a weird left turn.

I also like framing the dirty in silly.  For instance, I enjoy using words and phrases like, “jizzies” and “boom booms”.  I don’t know, I just find it funny.