Quick Check-in

Yeah, really starting to work into a groove with this whole checking in on Wednesdays thing.  Gives me structure.  Plants crave it, right?  Let’s see… we’ll do another list of ten, yeah?  Nah, let’s just list it out as aspects of my life.  I like that more.


  • Work actually ramped up a little bit in how busy it is, but I’ve gotten better at it, so the workload isn’t taking as long for me to finish.  I like when that happens.  Make me seem more awesome even though it kind of feels like I’m doing less.
  • I have discovered that I do different kinds of work better with different types and levels of audio.  Medium/light music for documentation; hard rock/rap for any pointless administrative office bullshit; “hot talk”/”guy talk” podcasts or funk/chick rock for time consuming processing; infotainment podcasts or classical/classic rock/jazz for complex shit that confuses me.


  • Went through some old records and realized that I need a better filing system.
  • My “pay-my-bills station” that I set up in my kitchen seems to be working out pretty well.  I’m planning on making some more stations like that.  Order in my home is a good thing.  Organization shall set me free.
  • I need to find time to make up for some missed chores over the weekend.  Pro’lly tonight.


  • Pretty sure I’m going to pop back into that 90%(ish) vegetarian thing I did for a while.
  • I need to either join a gym, find a lighted path to jog on, or figure out something else to do for exercise through the winter.  I guess I could… uh… fuck if I know, but I gotta find something.  I can’t spend another winter gaining 20 – 40 like I did the last few.  Fuck that noise.


  • The feelings-catching-action with that one girl is over.
  • I’m trying to carefully tread with a woman that… you know what?  Read last Friday’s thing.  That is all.
  • I’m re-playing that party in my head and realizing how embarrassing I can sometimes be.  I think I “hugged it out” with a friend.  WTFuck?


  • Sleeping Dogs is fucking awesome.  I put off some chores for it and really shouldn’t have.  My time has been becoming increasingly difficult to manage.
  • I haven’t pre-ordered Black Ops 2 but I should get on that soon.  I absolutely know that I am going to need to play that on day one or the multiplayer will be pre-ruined for me.  That first week or two of a Call of Duty game is some of the best multiplayer fun that I ever have, especially since all of my friends are on bumbling through it, too.

This blog/other projects:

  • I’m pretty pumped about the last recordings of Three Guys and it seems like Jackie is, too.  Working on scheduling another as soon as possible.
  • I need to find a website testing platform that doesn’t require me to own a domain.  Or… I probably have a bullshit site that I bought on a whim, I guess I could use that… anyway, I’m far enough into concept where I really just need to start building.
  • I have scripts for some content and need to animate (which is pretty tough, ’cause I don’t know how to do that…)
  • I have equipment I need to test for what may end up being the flagship content of that thing.
  • I am thinking of making a more set “content schedule” for this here site.
  • Dirty tomorrow.

tl;dr – Out of all of that you only need to know these two things – 1) Pick up a copy of Sleeping Dogs & 2) Listen to Three Guys

I really gotta get this friend’s-assed-website up and running.  I have two things that I really want to talk about.  Two things that I have a lot of experience with and that aren’t dirty.  Useful things.