Texts From Me

Soo Friendo’s


It has been a hot minute since I was on here.  Thought I would take a brief moment and share some of the goings on from me, mainly the actual text messages I send out to people.

Keep in mind, I find it better to insert mid-conversation, or at random, sometimes to random phone numbers.


Warning: These are the actual text messages I send out.

I am in the Light Street Garage. Waiting….  Tonight You.


You have some timing. Somehow, you escaped the explosion.

The z makes it dangerous.

Mom is Worried. You are full of juices and insides? Does you has powers?

Do the slippers have tassels?


Yep. I think they will stay here cause they gotz no powerz or lolcatz


Be careful, the fourth great ninja war has begun, and this afternoon is good.


Go home, Close your shutters, start War of the Arrows on Netflix, then tie your hands behind your back. If you don’t, the savage ravaging of your body will hurt.

the way I p[lay, thransfusion is all I use.


My phone just gave me an odd warning. It instructed me to text you and laugh. It claims I have used 2gigs of 4g data since the 16th (sent on the 19th)

I guess that makes sense, like hand banana.

today I am full of rage

and p and vinegar

It is sad when a parent has to bury their Ipod.

It was a conspiracy masterminded by rush Limbaugh, Sonic, and MasterShake

And with that heart condition, you could get diabetes. Chew on that.

I feel this is my best yet..

Might need some help tonight.  Apparently it is illegal to rub Doritos powder on your “goods” while watching Naruto on a bus in Buffalo. Who Knew?

Then Just cause I was screaming racial slurs at the Jamaican bus driver,now it is a hate crime. Who could have guessed America has fallen so far.

I men, it isn’t like it was cool ranch. give me a break.

Now I understand the NWA.

BTW I am not a gaia fag anymore, I’ve moved on to bigger and better things.

The Mona Lisa