Another quick check in…

I’ve actually been thinking of making these check in posts a regular thing.  That would solve my problem of not knowing what to write for Monday’s getting me back to the “post buffer” that I used to have.  Plus, one or two people have mentioned liking them.  These are people that I know personally, which might explain a few things.  They are probably less keen on reading about my molestation of silicon…  Also, this is a “blog”.  Maybe regularily “blogging” and checking in with my life would be a good idea.  Especially as I slowly approach achieving a goal or two.

Let’s see where I’m at this week by first looking back on my last update

1) Work is still busy.  I am now working on documenting the process that I have (mostly) learned.  This status of “Whatever” remains

2) I got some of those organizers and one shelf.  Haven’t put them up

3) I have all but confirmed that at least one of my snail-mail recurring bills does not have its own electronic bill pay option.  But both of my banks do, so… maybe I’ll go ahead and set those up.

4) Some schedule changes are being tested right now.  This will likely render my “Extended Bootycall Forecast” more lame than it already is, so there is a good chance that this featurette may be dead.

5) Skipped.

6) I did so-so eating as a normal human, but I just think that the amount of meat I used to eat on a daily basis isn’t any good for me anymore.  It could be genetics, it could be lifestyle, it could be age.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that I can enjoy some meat-assed meat, and even enjoy it in large quantities (though I try not to), as long as I do so fairly infrequently.  Also, when I make multi-meal recipes, I need to stay on top of packaging away the leftovers before I let myself fuck myself over.  If you’re a fat then I’m guessing you’ve run into this before.

7) Sleepy Puppies is finally in my hot little hands.  I played some last night.  It was glorious!  I haven’t played long enough to render any real value judgement, but man… it’s been pretty rad so far.  The combat isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty great.  Better yet, it’s reeeeeeeeeeeeeeal satisfying when you land a hit.

8) I did a cleanse.  I ended it slightly early for one reason which has now become a new life rule for me: NO CLEANSES DURING THE WORK WEEK.  You go ahead and figure out why on your own.

9) I actually have a ninth thing this week, and it has to do with tomorrow’s filth post.  I’m still hesitating on putting down a rating.  It’s 50/50 if I actually rate them tomorrow or next week.  I don’t mean to be a dick about it, it’s just… I’m not really sure.  I’m either going to have to reuse… I guess I already did the grossest part – cleaning.  Or I have to buy another set.  To be completely honest, I feel like I should really buy another set to make that judgement.  On the other hand, I’m not so sure that the way I’ve been recommending them would make any individual egg’s rating more important than the overall rating of a pack.  Strange thing to consider when my critical integrity has never been brought into question.

10)  Monthly playlist is totally dead, but I’ve decided to keep putting playlists here.  Just… monthly feature with themes and shit… eh.  Not my digs.  On top of that, if you’d like to hit me with a playlist to post… fuckin’ hit me.

tl;dr – Cleanses require ready access to lots of water and lots of bathroom access without prying eyes.

I really gotta get this friend’s-assed-website up and running.  I have two things that I really want to talk about.  Two things that I have a lot of experience with and that aren’t dirty.  Useful things.