Quick update

Just so that there’s a post out there other than my dirty talk Thursday thing and so you know why I haven’t been hitting all four posts a week for the last few weeks, here is a quick update on what’s going on with me.

1) Work is busy.  I’ve been learning the meat of my new job on the fly while completing the task that… they… are.  Whatever

2) My never-ending Spring Cleaning efforts have actually ended.  I have one or two things still out, but that’s really just because I’m dragging my feet on deciding how I want to go about organizing them.  More like… I need to pick up some organizers and decide what kind of shelving options are best for my lifestyle and situation.

3) I have two recurring bills that I pay by snail mail and I almost always forget to pay them until the last minute and I need to figure out how to pay them electronically soon or I’m pretty damned sure that I’ll bust one of them.

4) I mentioned last Friday that I’m thinking of some schedule changes.  As I get closer, I’ll get more specific.  For some reason, some of you enjoy reading about that.  This is good, ’cause sometimes I just need to write something and get some shit off my chest, and blogging about some life-assed-life accomplishes both.

5) There is this one chick that I’ve been messing around with.  I think I gotta cut her lose ’cause I think she’s catching feelings.  And I think she’s not the only one.  And that ain’t no good.

6) I’m still working out and eating healthy most of the time, but where I’m at with those two is more of a “maintenance” type thing.  I still want to drop about 30 – 40 pounds, so I’m going to need to get back to hitting it heavy.  I think it’s going to kick off with another juice fast/cleanse/shitforeverandever session.  This week, I’m testing out eating like a human person.  I’ll probably end it with an all veggies and beans day so that the fast-shit-furious cleanse starts off right.

7) I picked up Sleeping Dogs from yesterday’s Amazon Gold Box deals.  I really shouldn’t put the time into the game that I’d like to, but I’m on the tail end of being sick, so I’ll let myself slide.

8) Oh, right.  I’ve been sick.  That jacked me up pretty good.  That’s probably the top reason that I haven’t started back on the weight loss plan, but at least it has helped me prove to myself that I actually can maintain my weight without every meal being steamed carrots and lentils.

9) I don’t really really have ten things to update you with, so this is bullshit filler in order to have a list of ten things.

10) It looks like I might have fallen off of the playlist of the month thing.  This is mostly because of time constraints.  Honestly, it’s also partly because of feedback.  I have only received two bits of feedback on it and only one positive.  The other wasn’t negative but was a bit of a backhanded compliment.  You know who you are, assuming you still read.  I think something like that just needs a bigger stage, so if I bring it back, it will be on that website that I keep threatening to make.  Then eventually my blog will actually just be a blog and not a strange blog/variety show dump.

tl;dr – Been busy.  Working on it. Suck a dick.

Now I’m gunna go jerk some chicken.  No really.  Not a euphemism this time.  I gots my favorite chicken cut – chicken thighs.  I gots my favorite Jamaican jerk marinade – that one that comes in the cheap-assed looking, square, shitty bottle.  I got an onion, some greens, a couple beets, and I’m think of making some rice. Maybe some baked beans… hmm… fuck, I’m hungry.