I should get more into wine…

In my mind, there are five major “food groups” in the world of booze.

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Liquor
  • Liqueur and Cocktails
  • Fuckin’ weird shit

My health habits haven’t exactly been the best over the past few years, some more healthy than others, but I have been incrementally improving them more recently.  One spot that I have been improving (and occasionally fuck up…) is my consumption of alcohol.  A bit that I used to do was to drink a fuckton of hard liquor without any mixer or chaser and just… keep drinking it.  I tend to stay away from that bit these days, because I’m fairly certain that I will die if I don’t and I don’t really go out a lot.  Drinking alone seems like a weird primer to going completely off the rails, and drinking hard liquor alone is more than just a primer.  You are off the rails at that point.

Drinking a cocktail, a couple beers, or a glass or two of wine doesn’t feel that way to me.  Once you exceed that limit, then yeah.  Back off the rails.  But a reasonable amount, I’m alright with.  I won’t judge you if you do it.  I won’t feel like a total shithead if I partake in such a fashion.  Wine and beer are pretty easy for me to keep it together.  Cocktails aren’t bad, either.  At least not for me, but if I’m pressed for time, that cocktail is probably just going to turn into bourbon and ice.  That’s no good for you.

“Fuckin’ weird shit” would describe things like wine coolers, malt liquors, and crazy stuff that you wouldn’t really count as the other categories.  Junk like Four Loko.  Generally speaking, you (or me, at least) can’t drink that many of those.  That being said, one is enough to fuck you up all types of bad.  So that’s off the table.  Also, most of them are kinda gross.

I feel like I’m talking in circles here and wasting your time.  Here’s what it comes down to – if I have a glass or two a wine in the evening, my insomnia isn’t as bad, I don’t keep drinking until I get stupid, and I can still lose weight.  And I don’t feel like drinking the next night.  Win-win.

tl;dr – Just skip this one.  Check back on my awesome Sex Chart.  Then wait a few days and something better will be up here.

Last week was pretty rough.  I think that’s why this is on my mind.  Powerful-assed pain killers.  But it’s all good now.