I got real sunburnsies

Yeah.  That’s really all I got.  To supplement it… I don’t know, how about this?

I used to be in the sun all of the time.  It was my shit.  I loved being outside.  I actually still do, but I don’t much do it because of where I live.  It’s part that people are judgy, part that I think people are going to be judgy (which I recognize is crazy), and part that the town I live in isn’t as conducive to outdoor activity as it thinks it is.  I might say that the town thinking it is better than it is has become a common thing.  In fact, I will say it.  But I won’t retype it, just go back a few and re-read that.

When I visit other towns, especially those that aren’t so up their own asses, I find that I either get exactly what I am looking for or I get something a lot closer than what I have here.  I’m petering out here, and I don’t feel like getting into specifics.  I’m just gunna cut it off here.

tl;dr – Just another reason why I should move to another town.

Fuck I’m tired.  Seems to be a regular bit for me.  Hmm.