I’m trying to “step up” my “twitter game”…

Social networking is a pretty big deal these days and while I try to resist many of its footholds, I recognize that I am constantly engaged in the concept and can really only benefit from it.  I can’t quite put a finger on why but I fucking hate Facebook.  At this point, I’m not so sure that I know anyone that really “loves” it, but I find the universal hate for the site is increasing.  I don’t know, that may just be my view from my very limited experience.  But I’m not going to talk about that today.  Today, I want to talk about the fact that I have sucked super-hard at Twitter for a very long time and that I’m trying to rectify that.

I’m actually not entirely sure just how Twitter should be used.  Some people that I follow almost never tweet.  When they do, it’s always something worth coming across.  It could be something funny or something awesome, but it’s usually a link to new content or something important.  Others that I follow tweet almost all of the time.  They tweet conversationally.  They tweet what they’re doing when they are effectively doing nothing.  Most of these I unfollow, but not all.  Some I actually find interesting and occasionally interesting, and I could say way because I just don’t know.

How should you use your twitter?  Should you tweet all of the time, regardless of what you have to say?  Should you only tweet when you have something important to say?  How often is too often?  Too infrequent?

If I know one thing about having a following of any kind it’s that content is king.  You can put content out on an infrequent basis if it can appeal to a very large base or if it is super-awesome to a narrow audience that can really latch on.  You can put out mediocre content and gain a large following if you put that content out on a regular and consistent basis.  If you put out great content on a regular and consistent basis, you can gain a really solid audience.  Then again… sometimes you just don’t, and for no reason that anyone can really determine.

I don’t know, I feel like I’m starting to talk nonsense.  Here’s my point – I’ve been on Twitter for a pretty long time and almost never use it.  I’m trying to ramp up my social media usage to keep engaged with a regular base of visitors, especially if I can get this group effort thing off the ground.  OH, about that.  It seems that the key players are in place, but I’ll have to do most of the work to get it off the ground.  That’s fine, it’s my idea and all that jazz.  The problem is, every time I start an effort like this, people poo-poo the fuck out of it and always for some stupid little thing.  So I either need to start an email thread be a dick about requiring responses or I need to lock these motherfuckers in a room and get answers to the big things upfront.  Here are the things that I can see being a problem from “go”:

  • Website name/url
  • Design/layout (colors, fonts, how the content is displayed, etc)
  • Ratings system (for aspects of rating)
  • Consistent content from about 50% of the people I’m trying to enlist
  • Keeping each other from “stepping” on each other’s content
  • The huge amount of added responsibility it will take to make the thing work

tl;dr – I am trying to tweet more, I don’t know how to use twitter, progress on the next thing, nipple clamps?  No.  No nipple clamps.

Holiday’s almost over.  Squeeze the fucking life out of it.

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