I need a lunchbox

Some days, I’m really fucking lame.  This is one of those days.

In order to not like a complete and total shitbox, I have to pack my lunch for workdays.  This isn’t exactly difficult.  I mean, sometimes all I have in the fridge are foods that would totally stink up the office, so I have nothing to pack… even though so few others seem to be quite so considerate…

Here’s the deal, packing my lunch the night before is a good habit.  I’m not great at it, but I’m getting better.  I have gone from not packing it at all to packing it sometimes to packing it almost always in the morning to make me late for work to packing it almost always in the morning and still making it on time to packing it half in the morning and half the night before.  Suck on that run-on dickswab.

That’s not the habit that I want.  The habit that I want is to put together my lunch for the next day while I crack together my dinner for the tonight.  In order to pull this off, I really need to get better at meal planning.  In order to get better at meal planning, I should probably get in contact for some seriously put-together stay-at-home moms/dads.  I am almost certain to not do that… but I will check my ass around that Pinterest and otherwise “Chick Internet” to see if they have something good on this.  Chick Internet, turns out, is pretty cool.  Really.  Check me out.

My scapegoat for not being better at this is a lack of good lunchbox.  That might be stupid… it is pretty stupid… but g’fuck yourself.  I want a nice lunchbox.  Or, more realistically, a better designed single container for things that can stay/become the same temperature and some less throw-the-fuck-away containers for stuff that I just want to snack on.

Here’s what I’m thinking:  Some Easy Lunch Boxes (I’m probably screwing up the branding… sorry… contact me if you care and I’ll fix it).  Some wacky sauce containers.  And some of those craz-a-craz reusable snack bags.  I get that a lot of this is all types of weird and/or inconvenient, but I actually seem to do better with the less convenient bits of a routine.  It’s almost as if I recognize that I need to get the shit done more ahead of time so that I don’t just expect I can put together a full meal in thirty seconds or less.  Knowing that I need to put my shit together the night before actually helps me in my quest to “Aaron Proof” my fuckface life.  As an added benefit, I can continue trying my lazy ass off at putting my money where my mouth is and stop fucking up the planet every day.

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