Thinking of going temporarily veggie again…

If you follow this blog, you’re probably well aware of the fact that I’ve been struggling with weight loss for fuckoff too long.  I have the motivation and I have recently mustered up the will.  I have been able to drop a bit, but I’m still considerably fatter than I was when I considered myself “fat” as I was being lazy on my way out of the Air Force.  Right now, I’m kind of stuck in a rut.  I have been able to, more or less, maintain within a fair range.  That’s encouraging for when I actually hit my goal.  I’d like to know that I can keep to it without having to break myself every few days.  However, I haven’t been able to drop to my next goal weight within a time frame that I would consider acceptable.  It ain’t happening quick enough and it’s pissing me off.

So I went over my notes from the first 40 pounds and I think  what this next forty needs is a nice swift kick in the ass.  I think I might do another juice fast.  I don’t really recommend doing one because I don’t really think it does what jackasses think it does.  They act like it’s a “juice cleanse”.  Fuckoff with that.  But… and it might just be me, I think it puts my stupid head in the right mindset to keep it moving.  Then I might go all vegetarian for a month or so, like I did in the beginning of this year.  And when I say “all vegetarian”, I really mean it.  Eggs aren’t vegetarian.  Fish isn’t vegetarian.  The occasional chicken sangwitch isn’t vegetarian.  And, frankly, even though pizza and potato chicks are technically vegetarian, they are completely against the spirit of the concept when taken as a health measure.  If you’re doing it for moral reasons, knock yourself out.  Have all the Doritos and cheesy bean burrito pizza bagels that you want.  If you’re doing it to lose weight or help your gravy-bleeding heart, stick to greens and grains and stay away from bread and cheese.  Shitdick.

tl;dr – I might go back to vegetarianism for a short bit to lose the next stack of fatty gutness that I can’t stand seeing in the mirror and you’re a shitdick if you call yourself vegetarian and you eat fish and eggs… actually, don’t call yourself vegetarian.  Just say your don’t eat meat.  Or keep it to yourself.  Unless you’re me.  I’m allowed.

My hypocrisy is awesome.

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