My furniture is too big

My furniture is too big.  Real first world problem here, I know, but a problem just the same.  Some of it I kinda don’t like.  Some of it I do like but just isn’t quite my style.  None of it matches (except that the couches and chair match each other… ’cause it’s a set).  And it’s pretty much all too big, so I have to sort of Tetris shit around to get it to fit and make it possible to move around in here.

Most of my furniture is pretty alright.  My couches are great.  They’re big, heavy, poofy, leather, but they’re way too big for my place.  Plus, the particular shade of brown that they are just isn’t my digs.  They’re had to complain about, though, because they were free.  Hand-me-down’s.  They’re really nice and probably fairly pricey, but they’re also huge.  I’m in a two bedroom condo, man.  I can’t just have huge shit all over.

The most annoying part is that the huge furniture is preventing me from getting any more furniture, to include stuff that I could actually use.  Stuff like shelves.  I really need some shelves up in this bitch.  But if I put in shelves, I lose more of what little space I have, and I like space.  I would much rather have open floors than large things.

This post’s picture is one I snapped of a kitchen that is a bit more my style.  Clean edges, bits of metal, making the best of a small space.  Though if I’m being completely honest, I’d much rather have a huge kitchen.  Maybe something with an island.  So… yeah, kind of phoning it in today.  Whatever, go fuck yourselves.  Or catch up on something you’ve missed, like the filth from Friday or the music from Wednesday.

tl;dr – I either need smaller shit or a bigger place, yeah?