Some mornings are tougher than others…

This is not one of them.  Actually, it’s just before 5:30 AM as I write this and I’ve already been up for at least an hour.  That’s probably because I got to bed last night around 9… which is a bit odd for me, but given what I’ve been trying to do with the whole getting rid of my gut and man tits, maybe earlier bed times are a good idea.

A combination of feeling shitty and tired when I wake up and having trouble making it to work on time (preferably slightly early) have had me thinking of making another schedule shift.  If you don’t read every post of mine (and why would you?), you may not be aware that I’ve done this before.  Actually, I’ve done this a couple of times.  Once I shifted my work schedule to later so I wouldn’t have to get up so early.  Once I shifted it to earlier so I could get out of work while the sun was still up in the winter.  I ended up shifting it slightly earlier still so I could get some exercise and still catch the last bits of sun in winter.  After a while, I found myself using the extra time I’d given myself to shit-dick around and I wasn’t getting that much sun or exercise.  So I planted my morning back at one my earlier and newly civilian times.  I currently show up for work at 8:30 AM.  Well… sorta.  That’s part of the problem.  I’ve been showing up late.  Noone there cares, but I do.

Thankfully, the reason that I’m showing up late is actually positive.  With all of my high-and-mighty weightloss talk, you should know that I haven’t started living clean and completely healthy.  I still drink, probably a bit too much.  I still sit way too much, mostly at work though sadly at home, too.  I have ramped up eating healthier foods, sure, but I still eat shitty stuff from time and time, and frequently enough to occasionally set me back on my road to getting to a human size.  But one thing has changed for the better.  I finally got my routine.

This is the part where I would normally link you back to the previous posts where I would bitch and moan about how badly I needed to get a new routine, and then one week later post about how I was up all night being a piece of shit.  Not this time.  Those posts all suck.  Instead, here’s a nice link to a video game review of mine, and a nicer link to a completely Not Safe For Work hot ass blog.  That’s to placate those of you who prefer to read about me being a scumbag and all types of filth that I’m about.  Sorry that it’s been a while, but trust me.  It’s coming.

Anyway, I did finally pick up an important part of a good routine.  I’m finally getting regular exercise.  I get up around 5:30 – 6:00 AM, mill around a little bit until I wake up, and head out to the path behind my place and go for a walk, jog, run, or combination of the three.  I usually make a little time to do some calistetics and to make lunch, and I never skip breakfast.  Sometimes that means grabbing the first hand fruit I see in my fridge or on my dinner table as I walk out the door.  The thing about this new routine is that it takes as much time as it takes.  As such, when I need a little extra time for a shave, a stretch, a sit, to fire off an email, or some mindless internet searching, I will probably be late.  It’s just the way it is.  I also want to add a little more time to my workout.  If I am going to be smart about it, I should really put that extra time either right after work or an hour after dinner.  But I’m probably not going to do that.  The work day really takes it out of me.  So what I’m thinking of doing is shifting my 8:30 AM work start to 9:30 AM.  But if I really want to keep this shit up, I should really shift my bedtime from around midnight to around 9 or 10.  Anyway, I’ve gone over my jog start time, and I gotta get the fuck going.

tl;dr – I got my routine.  Oh, and check out that hot ass blog.  I’m pretty into hot asses, and you should be, too.

Oh, and I haven’t had fast food in months.  I haven’t shunned it for life or anything.  It’s delicious and I’m not stupid.  I was just getting too heavy into it (and too heavy period), so I had to stop myself from going to that well for a while.  I’m open to suggestions for my first bite in a return to fast food.  For now, I’m thinking a simple and oh-so-perfect McDonald’s hamburger.