I need to “book” some friends for a show of indeterminate format…

Once upon a time, my friends and I co-hosted a vile and horribly evil internet radio show, or “podcast”, with semi regularity named 3 Guys Walk Into a Bar.  I’m not saying it’s dead.  In fact, even if we plan to end up axing the thing, we should at least toss out a few last episodes for the loyal few who have actually bothered to stick by us through our poor schedule and pisspoor audio quality.

Anyway, that’s sort of the quick bits that I’m getting at today.  If you were awesome enough to tune into the rather sickening ustream of the bunch of us being evil and hilarious at the same time, you may have heard me toss this out.  Either way, I’ll just put it out here.  We’ll see if the others are on board, but here’s what I’d like to do.  I want to take that show (or it’s inevitable replacement), all of our blogs, and all of the potential entertaining concepts that have had/randomly will have and throw them all onto one unified website.  As far as blogs and videos mean, that probably means republishing/reposting and embedding.  That’s fine by me.  I just want it all in one place.

Here’s why.  Actually, here’s just a few reasons why, because I have many and don’t want to bore you.  The basics are that I enjoy the content that they put out when they do put it out, but almost none of them have been doing so over the past few years with any regularity.  I think their content is worthwhile to a larger audience, but on their own, most of them have no reasonable method of getting that larger audience.  I’m in that boat, too.  My baseline of regular readers is negligible, and the combination of my lack of typical blogging topics and abundance of fucked-up things that I say probably make it rather difficult to recommend me to anyone but your most black-humored friends.  Having a website like I’ve described gives us all a chance to fix those issues.  We could build a better regular base, make it easier to recommend the site to others, and completely fix the problem of infrequent new content if only a few of us would update at least twice a week.  I’ve already got it three times a week (usually), and I have a few features that I’ve been holding off on – which would fix my lack of typicality problem.

Selfishly, it would give me more readers.  Selfishly, it would be a better reason for more frequent updates to the content that I want to enjoy from my friends.  Selfishly, it means we can dick around with each other in some of our favorite infantile manners and frame it as a grown-up thing.  Unselfishly… fucking nothing, man.  I just want this shit to happen.

tl;dr – Gotta catch ’em all?

So I guess the best way to go with this is to set up as much as I can and then just invite people… uh… I think?