Quicklist: Things I want in my next home…

Yeah, a Quicklist.  Been a while since I’ve done one of these.  I spent a significant portion of this past weekend on chores and general housework.  While doing so, I started thinking about the things that I don’t have and can’t do because I live in a second floor two bedroom.  That’s a pretty negative view of my situation, and I like to keep it positive here on my notes, so let’s turn it around.  Look at it from a positive angle.  The angle that someday I will leave this place and move into a better one, and that will be great.  When I was driving shitty cars, I didn’t dwell on how shitty they were, did I?  No.  I just dreamed about how much better my future cars would be.  And when I went to buy, I always made a top ten list.  Now seems like a good time to start thinking about what should be on that list for my next home.  Let’s get started.

Things I Want in My Next Home:

  • A garage
  • A full-on pantry
  • A full-on laundry/utility room
  • More than one bathroom
  • A basement
  • Room to dick-around and tinker, because it’s very difficult to dick around with crazy projects in a two bedroom
  • A nice mix of carpet, hardwood, and tile
  • A modern dishwasher
  • Modern washer/dryer
  • A good-assed fridge
  • A good-assed kitchen sink
  • A kitchen island
  • A kitchen that someone who likes to cook can actually do shit in
  • Buttsecks
  • A back yard
  • Both gas and traditional grills
  • Room for all of my toys
  • Windows
  • Statues… yeah, that might not actually be reasonable
  • A pond?
  • No.  A lake.
  • Or… in indoor pond with a through-building river.  Yeah, that would be rad!
  • Really good central air/heating
  • Some cool, weird shit that I haven’t even thought of yet because it’s that cool and weird
  • An awesome shower
  • Copious amounts of storage space
  • An ocean view.

tl;dr – Oh, you thought I forgot about the “too long; didn’t read” bit?  Nope.  Just got lazy with it.  That was a list of things that I want in my next home.

Alright.  That’s an pretty exhaustive list, but I’m open to suggestions.  I’ll think about pairing this down as I go.  Still… indoor pond.  Pretty good idea.  Alright, well I’m gunna go… do some shit.