So listen… I’ve been neglecting my blog for far too long.  I’ve skipped days, segments, sections, orgasms, footy pajamas, bananas in pajamas, stories that were pretty good, thoughts, mantras, waffles, lubricants, flight simulators… wait, what was I talking about?

Right.  I’ve been fucking off on my duties.  I mean… not really.  I’ve been pretty fuckoff busy.  I no longer have time to dick around at work, nor do I have the desire to.  That cuts out eight hours that I could have written on here in the past.  Two hours before and two hours after I’m booked up with taking care of myself, my home, my otherwise property.  The only exception to those hours are social upkeep, which is the lame way that I’ve started to refer to the very real need that everyone has to spend time with people who matter to them.  To be honest, I’ve not been doing a great job of that in the past year.  I had an opportunity to see and spend time with a large swath of the people I care about last Friday night, but I was feeling kinda sick and stayed home.  Old me would have gone out.  Then again, old me would have probably puked his brains out and blamed booze.  I guess I should explain that, but… naw.  Not now.

Another eight (well… more like six or… four-ish) hours is slated to sleep.  Feeding myself could take a few minutes (takeout) or a few hours (cooking something very involved).  Then I spend time on email, I’ve usually spent an extra half-hour at work, brought some work home with me, and/or slated an hour or two to some project that I keep meaning to finish.  By the time that everything is said and done (and I did leave a few things out), I usually only have about an hour or two window in a day to myself.  I want to spend that time on other creative projects like this one, but… man… sometimes I really just can’t.  Sometimes I really just need to play a video game, watch a movie, or jack it to some porn.  Sorry.  I’m a human.  I need time to live.

Here’s the deal – I’ve made a promise to myself to at least meet two of the three pre-described posts of each week and figure out how to make at least one of my intended new bits to work each week.  As such, man… here I am.  You have no idea how desperately I want to just boot up some Diablo III or read one of my friends’ blogs right now, but I’m pushing through.  I have time, I will use it.  You’d better enjoy what the fuck I put out.

tl;dr – I don’t have much time, but I want this to be a thing, so you’d better fucking learn to love it.  Comment, link, pin, tweet, anything.  Any fucking thing.  Show some love if you’re actually into this, ’cause I’m tired and… I don’t know, fuck.

The Bootycall Forecast isn’t going anywhere, but it will likely be another few months before I finish the update that I want to do.  I have actually been working on some of the other bits, but I have also been intending on building up a bit of a “buffer”.  I want to work up to a minimum of four a week, five a week, one a day, two a day, and eventually something each hour.  But that ain’t easy when it’s just me and the people who keep saying they’ll post don’t… yeah… my fault, really.

But on a good note, my good friend Jackie has started a new blog!  You should check it out.