Remind me to do a thing…

A couple of things, actually, but two in particular.

1.  I need to bring back some kind of semi-regular feature about weight loss.  I’ve been doing it.  I’m almost at the thirty pound mark from where I started and I’d like to brag in the nerdiest way possible – with data. (the statistical kind, not the android in space kind)

2.  I need to finish up and put out some of the filthy things I’ve been working on for this site.  They’re nasty.  You’ll love ’em.

Oh… yeah,  guess there’s three things…

3.  I’m going to start a new feature soon, I’m just working on getting a buffer so it doesn’t end up in the same situation that I’ve been having with the rest of the features.  It’s gunna be about sandwiches, and I’d like some visitor cooperation.  Don’t worry, this kind won’t be hard – you just gotta take pictures of sandwiches.  I’ll set up some kind photo sharing account, you’ll photo your sammies, and we’ll have us a little sandwich club (ha!).  Yeah?  Fuck yeah.

tl;dr – I’m busy so I’m slacking, here’s the next things you should expect from me.

I really need to start taking pictures of myself while I chug along towards some kind of progress.