I think I should take some Stats classes

For some reason, I always thought I would be crappy at statistics.  I think because one of my high school Math teachers implied that you need good penmanship for it, which I don’t.  I suppose it’s possible that such a requirement used to be the case, but who the fuck is hand-making charts these days?

Anyway, statistics has become a pretty regular part of my daily grind and I’m pretty alright with it.  Actually, I rather enjoy it.  However, every inch of progress that I make on job battlefield is met with some new battle or skirmish.  Sometimes it’s not really something that I can control – some well known office thing that everyone assumes you know but could have only learned if someone told you, which of course noone will.  Other times it’s something that just comes with age and experience, but then there are times when a few classes would actually benefit me.

I’m less salty about not really getting the opportunity to attend college these days.  The chance is still out there and looking more and more like a real possibility, and not just something I say I’ll because I’m young and stupid.  But it’s becoming less and less something that truly upsets me.  After all, I’ve been encountering something that I used to talk shit about a lot more these days – the diploma’ed idiot.  Are there only like, what, two jobs where your college courses actually prepare you for the job you’re getting into?  Because just about every damned person that I work with has some bullshit degree or, more often then not, a degree in something that has jack shit to do with what they’re doing now and it doesn’t help them a damn.

Why are there some many English majors running around?  You weren’t planning on writing?  So why the fuck did you study it?  Did my generation really just get bamboozled into thinking that you need a degree to get a job and it doesn’t matter what it is?  If so, why not study something fun?  Is it just super easy?  The fuck is the deal?  Better yet, after four year of higher education usually (five, let’s be honest here), they know less about working that I do, and I went into a fucking time warp for half a decade!  FFFffffffffffffff…

Anyway, I’m pretty good at this whole statistics thing.  I still want to rekindle my love of Physics, but man… the mind does soften as you age.  On the other hand, Stats is fuckin’ easy.  And I’m good at it.  And I know for a fact that anything in the fields of Math and Science actually have classes – both credited and non – that offer real world shit.  Oh, and I still need to take a class or two on Access and Excel.  I’m makin’ it up as I go, and that’s no good.

tl;dr – Add “Stats” to the list of shit I want to study.  Yeah.  Well, fuck, at least I’m good at something that doesn’t involve my cock.

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