A bit out of sorts

And I missed Friday’s post and haven’t made up for it.  If I can get a few minutes later this evening, I’ll see about rectifying that.  As for the “Bootycall Forecast”, it would have been pretty week anyway.  My busymeter has ticked up a few shades so I haven’t really had time to dick around and write.  Or write.  Something like that.  On top of that, I’m having a terrible time with allergies.  Holy fuck, I never would have thought it could be this bad.  And I’m too stubborn to either stay home from work or do something about the symptoms.  You know, sometimes I’m a real dumbass.

tl;dr – Not enough time to write, think, or bang.  What a shitty week.

Though I have found a few minutes to turn the ol’ crank.

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