Fuck Yeah \m/ \m/

That – \m/ \m/ – is the emoticon for “Double Rock-on Fists” a.k.a. “Double Devil Horns”.  I’ve been busting my ass at work (and home too, but that’s a whole different thing) for weeks.  Months.  Sadly, half of the time I feel as though I haven’t accomplished a damned thing.  I’ve been tilling the soil, planting the seeds, watering and nurturing my these projects and initiatives that I’m involved with but with the sun refusing to shine, the damned things won’t even sprout.  Just this morning I finally saw some of those efforts doing more than popping out of the ground.  Out of nowhere, I can see some are starting to flower and bare fruit.  Not long from now and I’ll finally be able to start harvesting.  In even less time, I’ll put an end to this stupid farming analogy, because the orchard has clearly run wild.  Whoops!

tl;dr – Enjoy my piss poor analogy while I enjoy finally making some progress!

And no, I haven’t forgotten my enormous back log of subjects and pervy posts that I promised oh so long ago.  I’m gettin’ to ’em.

Edit: I just realized that I’ve been doing the rock horns emoticon wrong for years.  YEEEARS!!! I’ve been living a lie!!! So I changed the top of this joint from \w/\w/ to \m/\m/.  All better now.