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And gettin’ there, for once.  Here’s a thing.

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That’s all.

This is going to be another pretty brief one, at least that’s what I’m feeling right now.  I guess we’ll find out if that statement is honest by the end of this.  What I mean by “moving right along” is pretty simple – in all aspects of my life I have been trying to make improvements.  I’ve talked about this about a trillion times on here so I’m not going to get too deep now (though maybe later).  I will share a few specifics, though.  For instance, that Spring Cleaning project of mine?  Yeah.  Not over yet.  However, I have been moving right along with it.  The largest closet in my home has been completely emptied, cleaned, and reorganized.  In so doing, I can now say that I must have moved dozens, perhaps hundreds of garments that I would never or could never wear again.  I actually found a few items that I have never worn before and will never.  The fuck is up with that?  The second largest closet was also emptied and reorganized, but I feel I can do it one better.  So this weekend I’ll be shopping around for some bins and shelves and shit like that.  I’ll empty my worst closet which, I have come to know as the “Broken Electronics Prize Closet”, and try to clear out all of the old stuff in there.  Frankly, you couldn’t possibly believe the amount or types of bullshit that I’ve come across in my own home.  But, hey, movin’ right along.  I’ll get that dealt with and hopefully have time to crack open some other problem areas.

The Great Easter Fatification of 2012 busted me up pretty bad, but I’ve pealed that weight back off and I’ve finally dipped below the weight I was before the fuck-up-in-question.  I ate too much and too many of my meals were too meat, bread, cheese, and grease heavy.  I drank too much and I started to feel kinda crummy.  But I’m back to watching my intake and things are working out.  I’ll say this, walking is a real son-of-a-bitch.  Is it because I’m getting old and I’m all types of out of shape?  As a minimum, that stuff gets partial credit.  That being said, most of the people I personally know and would consider in shape have said something similar.  I’m not talking just getting from here to there, I mean walking at a fair to brisk pace for an extended amount of time.  Like an hour or more?  Yeah.  I’ll tell ya’ somethin’ else, beans, greens, and rice do some serious work on your guts.  Which does the most work?  So far my experience is that a mix of lentils, quinoa, and kale will break your fucking toilet.  Give it a shot and keep movin’ right along.

I changed jobs and I’m still getting used to it.  The odd part is that I haven’t changed companies and I still have responsibilities with my last department.  The sheer quantity of my responsibilities are now greater than they have ever been.  Frankly, it’s too much to deal with.  But instead of throwing in the towel, I gotta keep movin’ right along.  ‘Cause you know, I like getting a paycheck.  Kinda need it and shit.  So to ease my future troubles, I’ve been looking into ways that I can get and stay more organized.  It’s already started to pay off a little.  Some of the things I’ve been doing I came up with myself (though doubt them being new concepts).  For instance, I take a shitload of notes on just about everything.  Two problems with that – 1) I never take the time to go back over them and 2) My penmanship is abysmal, rendering huge chunks of notes to be useless.  To actually get something out of those notes, I’ve started taking bits of each day to… I guess “transcribe” the information.  To take it from the notebook or napkin it was jotted down on and type it up in google docs.  This gives me a chance to both review what I’ve written and make use of anything of use that I come across.  I’ve been thinking of just bringing in my laptop or iPad and using that for notes, but I think that re-invites the chance that I just won’t ever see those notes again.  That’s a bummer.

Anyway, I’ve taken far too much of my morning for this and will now likely be late for work.  Go me.  I’ll get back into this all later.  After all, part of my original vision of this blogs was a “notes” aspect – a spot where I share some shit I make, buy, borrow, or steel to get me through life.  I’ll probably share some of the organizational techniques that I’ve actually found useful at some point.

tl;dr – Guess I lied about today’s post being brief.  Movin’ right along…

Damnit, I won’t even have to beat off before work, and I really wanted to!

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