Something else

This is weird.  I feel like some of these posts are just becoming my personal notes on what I’d actually like to post about but don’t currently have the time.  Oh well, guess that’s life.  But I had a plan to post three times a week on a schedule and I hate it when I fuck that up.  So here’s something lame and kinda shitty to at least follow the letter of my laws, if not the spirit.

I need to take some time at some point to put into words my thoughts on my current situation at work.  In a nutshell, I’ve moved departments.  What I have been doing for years has almost no baring on what I’m about to start doing.  I say about to because even though I’ve technically been in the new department for about a week, I just moved desks this morning.  I just had my first training session which was really just an hour and pretty surface-level information.  I expect to start doing actual work in this area in the next week or so, but don’t know for sure.

More so is the fact that even though I’ve changed departments, it’s not a “clean break”.  I’m not only still someone that can be called on for the previous job, I’m actually still doing the previous job.  This morning was the first transfer of my responsibilities to someone else, and only a tiny bit of it.

The whole transfer of departments is further muddled for other reasons, not the least of which being either the reason it was necessary or that I am of three people who are swapping jobs.  It’s job-musical-chairs.  And it’s weird.  And I would really like to hash it out here.

But I ain’t got time.

tl;dr – I changed jobs.  Sort of.  It’s weird and I’ll tell ya’ about it another time.

But I really just moved one row of cubicles.  It’s really not that big of a deal.  Plus, I can still perv-ily check out the ladies and their junk that I did last week.  Though the building I was in last year had some pretty good assets too… I’m so conflicted!