Still Busy

And the pile of subjects that I want to cover has only been increasing.  Just this moment I thought of another topic that I’d like to cover but really don’t know when I’ll have time.  So I’ll just throw this out there:  The range of chicks that I find attractive has been simultaneously widening and narrowing as I age.  I’m not sure if that actually makes sense or if the shorthand just works for my shitty brain.  In essence, I’m liking many more physical types of women – faces, tits, hips, asses, etc. etc.  However, the range within those types is becoming more and more certain.  But the biggest change over time is that I can enjoy the company of many more women.  Yes, I suppose you can say that for knockin’ boots, but I really mean it conversationally.  And yet, here the field narrows as well.  The range of women that I could see myself in a long term thing with is tightening.  It’s hit the point where I can start to identify things I like, hate, tolerate, and everything in between and that gray area surrounding “tolerate” is the most dense.  I won’t spend my life with someone that I “tolerate”.  Fuck that.

But that’s for another.  Besides, I’m still enjoying catting around like a floozy.

tl;dr – We can be friends, but you annoy me too much for anything more.

You really do.

OH!  Also, I need to make time to talk about shootin’ bows.  My brother roped me into an archery class.  It’s pretty fun, and definitely makes me feel like a badass.  Now I want a dozen different bows. And I’m gunna get a Dire Wolf and fight crime.

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