Workin’ on somethin’

I started working on a new thing for you mutants.  This time it’s audio based.  I could see it moving to video.  We’ll see how it goes.  Remember when I said that I put out a filthy advertisement on Craigslist to draw some boobs and fool around?  Well you can either click on that link or continue on to catch up.  What I may not have mentioned is that I received several responses for the ad.  Most did not end in an encounter, but even those that didn’t still managed to be pretty entertaining.  After some prodding about the image I use for “Text Tag” on my Bootycall Forecasts, I had a stroke of genius.  Why don’t I put that conversation up on the site for all to read?  No, better, I’ll read it and post the audio on the site.  Wait!  Wait!  Better yet, I’ll read it all sexy-like in my super-un-sexy tones with a music bed.  A sexy music bed.  FUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKK I’M SO BRILLIANT!!!  NOBEL PRIZE, HERE I COME!!!

Anyway, I started recording last night.  It’s not perfect, but it is pretty funny.  I’ll be releasing the final one soon, but I hate it when I tease a post that doesn’t come out for forever because it’s a lot of work or I’m a lot of lazy.  So I’ll give you a little up front.

I can guarantee only one thing – “Violently”.  I can’t guarantee whether it will be laughing, crying, cringing, or vomiting, but I can guarantee that whichever you are doing, you’ll be doing so violently.

Click this for the link to save for the back story.  It’s raw and unedited, so I understand if you want to skip around or just skip it entirely.

Click this for a link to a weird snippet of me talking about a weird thing.

This should already be ready to play right at the top of the site, but just in case, You can click this to download a hot, raw, uncut third take of a new feature, “Text Adventures”.  Rest assured, the final cut will be much better.  It will be marvelous!

tl;dr – I’m a scumbag, here’s proof.

And let me know if the download feature is a bit busted.  I’m not sayin’ I can fix it.  I’m just sayin’ I’d like to know.