I am suffering from having too much to say

And not enough time to actually say it… odd problem, I know.  But first…

Thing I Found of the Week:

A Safe (but perhaps not appropriate) For Work image – just one of life’s most inspirational thoughts.

Just a thought – given that someone has definitely masturbated to you, that means that they have thought of you in some sexual way.  You could make the argument that, more less, the people that have masturbated to you used images of you for sexual purposes. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get a list of the people who have used those images?  For one, you could go up to that person and make a move.  There’s no guarantee that they’ll actually want to ack on it, but maybe. Additionally, wouldn’t it be cool if you could get a copy of those naughty mental images those people were making?  Wouldn’t it be even cooler if you could get a video of that person playing with themselves to your images???  IT WOULD BE SO FUCKING AWESOME!!! I’M FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!

Assuming that you get to choose who’s playing-with-themselves-to-you videos you want to see.  I mean, c’mon, some people are totally gross.

But here’s today’s thing:

To actually explain the title, more or less I’ve been coming up with some pretty good blog ideas but haven’t really had enough time to write them.  I have had friends and fellow bloggers complain about having the same issue and I do have a solution – start a draft and save it.  Come back and add/edit bit by bit until it’s finished and ready to go.  It could be day, months, or even a full year (as at least two of my posts seem to have been waiting…), but if it’s something you really want to write about, this is a way to get there.  Depending on your blog’s setup (I’m using WordPress), it may be possible to make this draft on the back end and just be ready to post it from there.  But even if yours doesn’t have that feature, you can always just save a draft in Google Docs.

More importantly, don’t let your work on big, long, girthy posts keep you from frequent strokes posts.  Infrequent blogging means losing regular visitors.  Just missing my Wednesday post will probably cost me more than a few.  Besides, most people aren’t going to read the long posts anyway. Make a schedule and keep to it.  Keep most of your posts fairly short.  Like maybe even shorter than this one.

tl:dr – I wanna know who has flicked their bean to me and possibly see video of them doing so. Also – write less but more frequently. Then drop the mic’.

In other news, I’m looking at testing a live audio site that Dave Birds suggested for podcasting called mixlr.  I may end up doing an impromptu live Aaron’s Notes cast or some kinda shit to test it out in the near future, so follow me on twitter if you want to get in on that.  I’d also really like to get some black ass this weekend.  Here’s to hoping.

My Extended Bootycall Forecast: