Out Of Context

My effort to clean out my unbelievably stuffed home continues.  In case you’re coming here for the first time (which seems to be happened a lot more lately… which I suppose is good), you may want to check out the previous posts where I talk about this shit, like this one and this one.  In essence, I’ve moved a bunch in my early-to-mid 20’s and most moves were hasty.  In these moves, I would haphazardly move of my worldly possessions with the knowledge that at least some of it was excessive, useless to me, or just plain trash.  After noticing my closets being way the shit too full and finding it hard to both store and find things, I basically just kinda said “Fuck It” and devised a plan to clear out the bullshit.  Since starting, I’ve found out that I have way more junk than I had ever imagined.  The scheme has since taken over my living room, which now fluxuates between kinda messy looking and a total trash heap as I pull more things from other closets and systematically sort them into more manageable piles… I really gotta get better at recapping things.

I’ll make a better update on the situation sometime next week, as I’m hoping to be more than half of the way through it by then.  I’m maybe a quarter of the way right now.  Pretty bananas, I know.

I think I may have already mentioned some side benefits to this clearing out, but I’m not sure if I’ve already mentioned the funny ones.  Today I’m going to share some of those.  Here are three shitty drawings that I made at some point and found them so funny, interesting, or important at the time that I just had to keep them.  After discovering them and not having any idea what exactly they were for, I can now definitively state that they are, in fact, not important.  They have laid dormant in my home for an indeterminate time with the assumed expectation that I might need them some day.  This is how people change from perfectly normal human beings to crazy-assed horders.

tl;dr – I’m still sorting and now I’m finding weird shit that, thankfully, at least reafirms my assumption that this stuff I’m throwing out is junk and is not important.  Now here’s some examples:

I guess I needed to show someone where the Ivory Coast was for some reason...?

And this:

Is it some kind of clock?

And this, which, clearly…:




So there you have it.  Here’s the lesson, folks: Learn to throw out useless shit.