Trying to Understand My Audience

As with many things, I find myself digging into the data behind the workings of my blog.  There are a variety of tools available to anyone on the web to figure out site visits, page views, and all manner of other information for your website.  I use a few.  Some I like more than others.  Like Google Analytics.  It hasn’t always been good, but it’s started to become pretty great over the past year or so.

There was a good few months that I used to check my data daily.  Being that my little blog is, in fact, quite little… dude, this is fucking crazy sauce.  It is not healthy behavior.  I knocked it off when I started to recognize that I was being a crazy person.  Now I only check it every so often, and this has given me some added benefits.  For one, I feel like I’m actually starting to understand my audience a bit better.  But the best benefit of only checking my data every so often is that it can actually manage to surprise me.  Case in point, I went to see how people are reaching the blog.  Do you type/bookmark directly here?  Do you find your way here by way of an affiliated website?  Are you finding me through a search engine?  Well, it’s a good bit of everything, but the searches that bring you to me… what the fuck are you looking for?  Here – let’s check out the top 10:

Listen, folks, I just want to know.  Who the fuck is googling “michael phelps dick” and why would you think that a website by the name of “” would offer this?

tl;dr – I know I cover a lot of topics on this website, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a great resource for celebrity cock shots.

That’s for my follow-up website –

Also… I haven’t actually gone to see if that’s a real website, but I’m just gunna go ahead and suggest that you don’t succumb to your curiosity unless you really need to see some cock pictures.


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