Playlist of the Month – March 2012

It’s somewhere around the first of a new month, and you know what that means, right?  No?  Oh, right… this is only the second time I’ve done this and I’m prone to flaking out on new bits… hmm…  First:

Thing I Found of the Week:

This Animated Gif.  No, you’re right.  I didn’t just find it this week.  But I did just find it burried in my bookmarks this week, so that’s a thing, right?  It made me laugh again, so I figured it might make you laugh again, too.  Enjoy.

It’s the Playlist of the Month for March 2012 Presented by Aaron’s Notes and Beech Nuts!!! (except not Beech Nuts, ’cause why the fuck would they sponsor this?  You’re a crazy person for believing me!)

So my original plan for this month’s playlist was to do a sort of “new and old” thing, where I’d pair up some of my favorite musicians from the past with some music that I kind of dig on now-a-days.  I got the whole idea because of how my musical tastes have been… I don’t know… opening up?  Then I realized that my knowledge of newer music is way the fuck too basic to actually do this plan any justice, so I all but abandoned it.  If you think that you can make such a list, knock yourself out.  If you want to get it published here, send it to me and let me know –  I can’t guarantee that it will actually make the cut, but if I like it, I’ll do a thing with it.  Free content is great.

So instead of a crazy-cool-mashup-thing, this month’s playlist is simple: Classic Rock.  I still feel that I can speak and write pretty intelligently about this subject and I feel that I can make some worthwhile suggestions.  This Classic Rock playlist has a little bit of everything.  A real wide interpretation of the genre.  There isn’t much of a theme here but there is a goal – hip you to some great older music.  Some of these songs you know and maybe already know whether or not you like them.  However, I’m pretty sure that you’ll find a song or two in there that you’ve either never heard before or didn’t know that you liked.  There aren’t a lot of deep cuts here – I don’t want to scare you away entirely.  Given the first playlist, I know I’m already on some pretty thin ice here.

More or less, I really hadn’t heard much new music since I was maybe 18 and didn’t start hearing it again until around 26ish.  I know how lame that must sound, but think about it for a hot second.  You fall in love with certain music and certain musicians in your high school and college years.  I didn’t really have any college years, I had military years.  Those years were extremely trying and quite cloistered.  As such, there wasn’t much of a chance of a new band being heard and if I did hear someone new, it would be pretty unlikely that they would find their way into my regular rotation.  I was plenty happy with the music I already had.  My taste included a handful of hard rock, metal, 90’s alternative rock, classic rock, blues, and exactly two rappers.  Big Pun and Tupac.  I guess I liked The Wu Tang Clan, but there’s no way I could have actually named a track, so it kinda doesn’t count.  That’s what I liked and I didn’t like anything else.  Don’t bother presenting new music to 23 year old Aaron – he already has an opinion despite never having heard it.  And no, that opinion was not positive.  He may have even given you shit about liking it.

Then something miraculous happened.  Someone called me an asshole for not liking Beck.

The story continues, but look… I get it.  You may not want to read about how I had some kind of existential revelation – you just came here for a list and I just put a list down to try and exploit the obvious human need to check out lists of things.  Alright, well… here you go.  The story continues after the playlist.

Aaron’s Notes (without the endorsement of Beech Nuts) Presents –’s Playlist of March 2012 – Classic Rock:

(just want to listen to it?  Click this fuckin’ link for the playlist on Grooveshark or find me on Spotify.  That’s a thing, right?)

  1. The Animals – It’s My Life
  2. The Rolling Stones – Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
  3. The Zombies – Tell Her No
  4. Eric Clapton – Lay Down Sally
  5. Chuck Berry – Maybeline
  6. The Kinks – All Day and All of the Night
  7. The Doors – Touch Me
  8. Stevie Ray Vaughan – Texas Food
  9. The Mamas & The Papas – California Dreamin’
  10. The Turtles – She’d Rather Be With Me
  11. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Lodi
  12. Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now
  13. The Who – Baba O’Riley
  14. Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley
  15. Meat Loaf – I’d Do Anything For Love (but I won’t do that)
  16. Heart – Barracuda
  17. Stevie Nicks – Edge of Seventeen
  18. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – The Wind Cries Marry
  19. Otis Redding – Hard to Handle

Back to the story – dude told me I was a fuckfuck for not liking Beck.  I told him, “Whatever, dude, that ‘Devil’s Haircut’ song is okay and all, but what’s the deal?”.  He told me to fuck off if I wasn’t going to listen to reason.  I took the challenge.  This isn’t exactly how it happened, but what actually took place distills nicely into that short recap, so let’s stick with it.  I took my defeated ass home and immediately proceeded to download the fuck out of some Beck (totally legally, bro… really… I have totally never digitally stolen music…).  I know that you see where this is going, so I’ll just hurry up and say it – I found out that there are some Beck songs that I love the fuck out of.  No, I didn’t end up being a Beck super-fan, and I still find my friends fanatical attachment to Beck’s music a little crazy, but he was right that the music is pretty good and some songs are actually great.

Friends know the next part of this story but I don’t think that I’ve ever mentioned it here.  I decided to listen to the band that I derided the absolute most during high school: Jamiroquai.  I used to hate them.  I fucking hated them with a fucking passion and gave anyone who listened to them shit about it without holding back at all.  I first listened to the radio hits.  I then listened to the most popular non-radio joints.  I then listened to the rest of the albums.  I found out some serious shit about myself.

I found out that I was a total asshole.

I was an asshole who was shutting out good music to myself and convincing others to do the same because I was so sure of my musical taste and my capabilities to detect and describe technical performance.  I was super-wrong.  I was wrong about Beck.  I was wrong about Jamiroquai.  I was wrong about Gorillaz.  I was wrong about Tom Waits.  Redman.  The Black Crowes.  Usher.  The Cranberries (yes… I know.  Bring it, bitches.).  Jay-Z.  Biggie Smalls.  Fatboy Slim.  I was wrong about a lot of music, new, old, and from my own generation.  So I decided I was going to take shit in a different direction.  I was going to give everything – motherfucking everything – a chance.

As such, I have found myself accidentally enjoying music that I would otherwise consider “Hipster Fuckface Music”.  I hate to admit it, but there seems to be an abundance of music makers that make amazing music that also happen to not only be liked by but also performed by total fucking dirty hipsters.  Gross.  But the music is still good, and that’s what I’m after.  Whether or not Michael Jackson actually ever touched kids, we can all agree that he was weird as fuck and maybe a bit disturbed.  But we can also all agree that his music was amazing.  Sometimes you have to separate the music from the musician.  Deal with it.

I should say that this doesn’t mean I suddenly enjoy everything.  Let’s not be fuckin’ crazy.  It just means I’m trying to be more open.  I’m also trying to phase out phrases like “that sucks”, “they suck”, “fuckin’ terrible”, and so on when speaking of music.  I’m sure most people don’t give a fuck, but I’ve found that a lot of music is actually pretty good even if I don’t like it.  Automatically dismissing music out of hand just because it isn’t one of the styles I’ve identified as “something I’m into” isn’t a reasonable attitude.  Boy bands are my best example.  Some of them are really, really fuckin’ good.  But man, they are sooooo not for me.  I don’t enjoy them, but that doesn’t mean they suck.  Most country music is about the same for me and I’ve long felt that Southern Rap is a suck-fest.  Then again, some recent suggestions from a friend have turned me on to some Southern rappers that I actually enjoy.  Who knew?

I do plan to revisit the “old and new” concept, and from more than one angle.  I’d really appreciate some suggestions for such a list and also a similar list for rap & hip-hop.  Maybe R&B as well… hmm…  And yeah, I do completely plan on doing a Classic Rock B-Sides & Deep Cuts list.

tl;dr – I hope you enjoyed my March 2012 playlist and maybe found something new from the old or remembered something you’d forgotten.  And then I rambled for like… hours about my musical tastes.  God, what an asshole!

And before we wrap this up and get to what you came for, let’s be honest about something here.  Despite what I said up above, Dubstep really does fucking suck.  Unless I’m gunna be in some club and on a trillion drugs, what’s the fuckin’ point?

My Extended Bootycall Forecast: