Spring Cleaning Continues…

My living room looks like a flee market threw up in it.  It’s pretty ridiculous.  If you aren’t familiar with my current situation, you can catch up with it by reading this previous post.

If you check out today’s featured picture, you may think that I’m not making any progress.  In actuality, I’m progressing quite nicely.  The thing is, I’ve found out that I have way the fuck more bullshit than I thought I had.  Now I’m looking into better ways to organize the shit that’s sticking around.  I really wish I had taken some “before” pictures of my hall and master bedroom closets, because they were fuckoff crazy.  I’ll see about taking some pictures of the other problem areas in my home before fixing them, like my second bedroom and the somewhat out of control closet in it.  Under the sinks of my bathroom and kitchen could both use some help as well, but they aren’t terrible.

What does this mean?  It means I need to find, make, borrow, buy, and steal shelves, crates, boxes, and any other shit that can be used to organize my bullshit and try to keep from getting back into this situation.  It also means that I need to figure out where I can donate some of the weirder shit that I want to get rid of but is still useful.  And I need to figure out the proper way to dispose of electronics, as I have quite a shitload of that stuff as well.

tl;dr – I’m still working on organizing my place, but at least I’m making progress.

Short and lame post today, I know.  They can’t all be lists about fast food or graphs about fucking.  Besides, sometimes it’s the mundane shit the keeps us grounded.  That’s how you know I’m real and shit.  I have grown up problems and first-world problems.  “Oh, I have too many possessions, please have pity on me as I try to figure out how to have less.”  Ugh.  That’s fuckin’ sad.