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Thing I Found of the Week: Breakfast Eating Styles from So Good Blog.

Fans of that wacky podcast that my friends and I do (that we haven’t done in far too long) may remember this blog – sogoodblog.com.  It’s the place where we stole borrowed the Meat Madness brackets for one of our most beloved shows.  By the by, both our episode and the Meat Madness brackets from sogoodblog are still worth checking out.  The website is a food blog run by a blogger in my relatively local area, Jon Eick.  And it’s pretty damned good.  This post in particular, actually left me thinking about how I eat.  The order and methods I use to devour my meals.  The post simply asks how you eat your diner breakfast.  In other words, when you order breakfast at a diner, how do you eat it.  That’s it.  It’s even multiple choice – all ingredients separately, build mini-sandwiches with toast, or other.  I know, it’s kind of stupid to really contemplate such a simple thing.  I immediately thought, and voted, that I eat it all separately.  As soon as I hit the button, I knew I had lied.  It’s actually a bit the first two options.  I will eat some of the ingredients separately and build mini sandwiches/bread burritos as well.  Depending on what all is on the plate, I might do more.  Here’s an example – if my eggs are poached or otherwise have runny yokes, something is getting dipped in them.  Better yet, if I also have some kind of toast or hash browns – yo, those eggs are absolutely getting broken over those carbs.  One of the best damned ways to enjoy breakfast, in my opinion.

I could go on about breakfast for a pretty long time, and maybe I will in a future post.  Same with the diner experience.  But I could really get into either subject so deeply that they each deserve their own post.  In fact, breakfast probably deserves its own series.  So instead of prattling on for several paragraphs about food, I’ll just say a quick thing about one of the less selfish projects I’ve been working on.  Family Photos.

A few years ago, I snagged some of the family photo albums from my Mom.  I have had all intention of digitizing those albums, but man… it has been a real pain.  Scanning each with my ten-year-old, multi-function, multi-port print-n’-scan thing is not my idea of a fun evening.  Needless to say, I haven’t made much progress.  Since starting that project, I have had additional film developed.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve already mentioned this and maybe even shared a picture or two.  It was a pretty positive experience and ended up being one of the few times that I was able to do something that was much more for my family than myself.

This experience really bring to mind the whole point of family photos.  They grab a moment in time and they last longer then memories or, frankly… people.  That may seem like a really harsh or depressing thing to say, but it’s very true.  Human beings die.  We get sick.  We change.  We disappear or leave or just turn into total assholes.  Photographs are a pretty good way to hang onto a moment.  Barring the decay, fading, and weathering, a photograph will hold onto that moment forever.  It won’t change and it won’t lie (though, yeah, you can totally make a photo lie).  Since our digital revolution, the is the distinct possibility that our photos really truly could last forever.  That’s pretty amazing to me.  The project that I’ve given myself is to both try to digitize as many of the physical photographs as my family has as possible and to get them all tagged.  After all, one of the saddest moments when going through an old photo album is coming across a picture of someone that noone seems to know.  The person is there on the page, they existed, but now they have no name.  Sad.

However, this isn’t something that I can do alone, and I’ve been working on devising the best ways possible to actually do this.  I know that there are a ton of options out there on the internet, many of which are free.  But the thing is… these are photos of our family. In the grand scheme of things, they aren’t super important, and I don’t place a ton of importance on them either.  But at the personal level, things like family photos are among the most important.  Watching the faces of friends and relatives light up with that tender moment of joy and sadness for days past is a pretty awesome thing.  So yeah, not entirely unselfish.  But hey, what ya’ gunna do?  Anyway, I want the method that I choose to fit all of our needs and nothing really has just yet.  Picasa/Google Photos/Google+ gets pretty damned close.  Given how Google works, I’d be willing to bet that it might just do everything I want and more in a year or two, but yeah.  I think that, in the mean time, I need to actually make a list of exactly what I need and want from an online family photo album.  For starters?  Easy sorting, easy tagging, easy copying, easy yet in-depth permissions management.  And free.  If not for me than free for everyone else.  It’s to a point where I’ve actually considered just building a family website.

tl;dr – I think I might eat my breakfasts like a mad man; I want my family photos to be digital and manageable and share-able online in some magical way.  Now fuckin’ get on it, Internet.  I’m lookin’ at you, Google.

Oh, right.  The featured image.  Believe it or not, that chubby little weirdo with a swanky robe and totally rad tiger claw slippers is a young me.  Pretty cool cat, right?  Nah?  Hmm.  That’s a little mean.

Anyway, what I’d really like to do is get some video of everyone in the family.  Everyone.  I have some ideas of how to frame the concept, too, but man… what an undertaking.  That’s one of the things I’d do if I ever got rich.  Now for something completely different.

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