Just a Quick Thing…

But first – Thing I Found of the Week:

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers Recipe!!! (from thepioneerwoman.com)

There won’t be much for today’s content, and I know I skipped Wednesday and all… I’ve been a bit busy with real life and shit.  Anyway, that recipe above is plenty simple and pretty tasty.  There’s another pot luck at work today and having had raised the bar on recipes in my past two, I couldn’t just phone it in with a rehash of my vegetarian chili – which was my original plan.

This recipe isn’t really all that amazing, but I’m really not trying to amaze this time.  Instead, I’m happy to bring the bar down a little bit (though not by much).  I like to cook.  I like doing a lot of stuff, but I like most the stuff that I do that can just speak for itself.  Not to say that I’ve never bee guilty of it, but I’m finding myself more and more disdainful of self-promoters.  People who promote themselves for the big things aren’t really bad.  In fact, I know some folks who keep important shit to themselves a bit too much.  Stuff that you should be proud of is often stuff that the people around you want to hear.  It’s the stuff that people either don’t want to hear about or don’t care about or, worse, the shit that you keep talking about.  Especially the stuff that you keep talking about but never quite complete.  That last one is what I’m likely most guilty of.  I think it’s because I’m all excited about it at the time and just want to talk about it.  It’s a little less that I want to brag, but yeah… sometimes I want to brag.  A little shitty of me, sure, but we all have our problems.

It really grinds my gears when people go really out of their way to talk about how awesome they are.  I have a whole bunch more to say about that, but I really don’t have the time or current state of mind to properly express the depth of my disdain (there’s that word again).  So yeah.  Like I said, I do it too.  But after recognizing that I do something shitty, I try to stop myself before doing it again.  I think most people either aren’t aware of what they’re doing or are actually convinced that what they’re doing is acceptable.

tl;dr – Jalapeno poppers for a potluck, I like cooking, I like to accomplish shit, I don’t like to suffer mega-self-promoters.

I really shouldn’t just introduce things like this and not delve into them, but fuck it.  Here’s a picture of my dick.  Wait… not that.  This:

My Extended Bootycall Forecast: